Palisades Park
Palisades Park
Location In or nearby Elwood City
Type Park
First appearance The Cave
Palisades Park is a park with a couple of caves called "Clark Caves", where people go spelunking.

Clark Caves

Mr. Ratburn assigns his class to build a replica of a cave since they are going on a field trip to Palisades Park. Arthur thinks that he might be scared of caves. He tells D.W. and his friends, and they make fun of him.

The Cave that Mr. Ratburn's Class Visits

At the park a tour guide tells them about the cave they will be going into.

  • It started forming over 10 million years ago
  • It is over 5 miles long.
  • At its deepest point it is 1,500 feet.
  • Bats and fungi live inside.

Inside the cave most of the kids are fine (even Arthur), but after Francine and Mr. Ratburn see bats, they get scared and leave the cave as quickly as possible. In the end everybody ends up making fun of Francine.


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