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Prologue: The Reads House

(D.W. Scoops up her initials in alphabet soup, which then fall down)

David: Take smaller spoonfuls, D.W., and sit up straighter please.

(D.W. slurps her soup)

David: And try not to slurp

D.W. It's not fair! Kate doesn't have to do any of that stuff!

David: She's a baby, you're growing up and as you get older, you have more responsibilities

D.W. I hate growing up!

(An ice cream truck jingles)

Arthur: The ice cream truck! Dad, can i go get something down at the park?

D.W. Oh can i go too?

David: Without a grownup?

D.W. Please? I'll be extra careful.

David: Well-

D.W. And i finished all my soup.

David: All right, you're big enough, just hold Arthur's hand when you cross the street.

D.W. Cool! i love growing up!

(Title card)

The Yard

(Baby Kate and Pal laugh while rolling)

Kate: This time, you be Goldilocks and I'll be the dinosaur.

Pal: A capital idea! Incidentally, i wanted to mention that (Barking), a probable scenario?

Kate: What did you just say? I couldn't understand anything!

Pal: Oh bother, Kate, i said (Barking) quite to the contrary!

Kate: Pal, did something happen to you? It was like you were speaking another language.

Pal: Sure! I'm fit as a fiddle. Now, lets pick up with Goldilocks again, shall we?

(Kate and Pal laugh)

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