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Patrick (4th grader)
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Complexion White (hand drawn)
Tan[1] (flash animated)
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Michael Yarmush(s9)

Patrick[2] is a fourth grader who debuted in the episode "Arthur's Eyes". Patrick was heard speaking a couple of times, which took place in the episodes "Francine's Bad Hair Day" and "Arthur Makes Waves".

In earlier episodes Patrick hung out with Binky, and was even seen in Mr. Ratburn's class in some cases. In "Arthur's Eyes" and "Francine's Bad Hair Day" he did act like a jerk to some of the third graders, including Arthur himself.

After these episodes Patrick has since mellowed down and he is a lot nicer to the third graders now.

Physical appearance[]

Patrick is a rabbit with a dark tan complexion with black nose. He wears a green collared sweater, long black pants, and red and white sneakers. He has black hair that can be hard to notice at first.

He also has been seen with a blue colored backpack. In the summer he wears black shorts, which he also uses to swim with, a light blue sleeveless shirt, and either blue sandals or his red and white sneakers. In the Winter he wears dark blue colored boots, long gray pants, a light blue coat, a yellow hat, and yellow mittens.



  • Patrick was seen in Mr. Ratburn's class along with Luke.
  • This character is in the same 4th grade class as Prunella.
  • When Buster left during the middle of Season 2, Patrick filled in for Buster in a few episodes for the duration of Season 2. This is also a likely sign that he and Arthur were friends prior to Buster leaving.
  • Part of the interior of Patrick's house was seen during the episode "Sue Ellen Moves In". It was shown while he was speaking to the other kids about Sue Ellen. From the looks of it he appeared to be in the kitchen as we could see brown cabinets. The walls of the kitchen are green and there is some blue around the cabinet that is seen.
  • He is seen in the intro to the show along with a few other kids and the rest of the main characters.


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