Patty Jones
Patty Jones
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark amber
Complexion Moderate gamboge
Job Newscaster, actress
Cartoon debut "The Last of Mary Moo Cow"
Voiced by Heidi Foss[1][2]
Patty Jones is the woman who played Mary Moo Cow, who later appeared as a newscaster for the TV show $tock Market Today.

Her lone appearance without the cow suit on is in the episode, "The Last of Mary Moo Cow." D.W. thought she was very boring because of $tock Market Today, until she found out she played Mary Moo Cow.

Appearance and personality

She is a cat with dark skin and short brown hair. She wears a white ruffled shirt with a teal suit coat over it. She is not enthusiastic when she speaks.


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