Patty Ratburn
Patty ratburn.png
Gender Female
Animal Rat
Eye color Brown[1]
Hair color White
Complexion Brown
Family *Rodentia Ratburn (sister)
Cartoon debut "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone"
Voiced by Jane Lynch

Patty Ratburn is the older sister of Nigel Ratburn. She plans and officiates the wedding of Nigel and Patrick Ratburn. She is voiced by guest star Jane Lynch.


Patty is a stickler for perfection, demanding her tea be brewed a specific number of minutes and somehow knowing when her instruction hasn't been followed, and often having her food at restaurants returned to the kitchen if she finds an issue with it.

Despite her stern attitude, Patty has shown kindness to her younger brother's friends, and very clearly loves her brother (calling him "Nigey" as a term of endearment) and wants to make sure his wedding is the best it can be. She also has a sense of humor, easily laughing at a fake video of Mr. Ratburn that his students made.


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