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"Pet Peeved"
Season/Series: 5
Number in season: 7b
Original Airdate: United States November 6, 2000[1][2]
Canada January 9, 2001[3]
Written by: Bruce Akiyama
Storyboard by: Lyndon Ruddy
Guylaine Seguin
Eric St. Gelais
"Sleep No More"
"The Last of Mary Moo Cow"
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"Pet Peeved" is the second half of the seventh episode in the fifth season of Arthur.


Binky volunteers to watch Francine's cat for the entire weekend, but gets into trouble when he decides to ignore Francine's instructions.


Arthur and David are seen going over some instructions for a model sailboat. Arthur explains to the viewers that it is always important to follow the instructions when doing something, and he shows examples of times people did not. D.W. claims this to be boring though, saying that she made a toy without even looking at the instructions once. She then shoots the toy off, causing the small airplane to fly around and smash the model sailboat that Arthur and their dad had been working on.

Pet Peeved

Francine is going around asking the others to watch her cat Nemo while she goes camping for the weekend. Buster cannot watch Nemo because his mother said it will be bad for his asthma, Arthur cannot because it will make Pal uncomfortable, and Muffy cannot watch him because her mom had furniture reupholstered and does not want to get it ripped up. Eventually, Binky and his friends come over and they begin to mock Nemo, but Binky comes back and apologizes, claiming he only teased Francine and her cat since he was with the Tough Customers. Francine is very concerned because if her family cannot find a place for Nemo, then they would have to take him to the kennel.

Francine then manages to trick Binky into watching Nemo for two days, and the following Saturday she comes over and drops off Nemo and the items he will need. She explains she has instructions and money in the envelope and Binky, in a rush, goes inside and says goodbye to Francine. Binky takes the money and does not bother with the instructions as Nemo falls asleep.

Later on, Binky tries to get Nemo to play on the obstacle course he made, but it is no use. Binky then tries to see if Nemo can do any tricks, but Nemo does not really want to, and they simply lock into a staring contest. Binky easily loses and Nemo runs off. Binky finds him high up in the tree and he demands Nemo to come down, only for Rattles to ask if he is talking to the tree. Binky claims he is, as Rattles's dog, Crusher, sees Nemo and tries to force him down; luckily, a squirrel happens to distract Crusher, who tries to go after it instead.

Later, Binky finds something that amuses Nemo, when he notices the cat playing with his shoelaces. In the house, Binky gives Nemo a yarn ball to play with and soon ends up tangled with the yarn. His mother comes in to ask what Binky doing when Nemo runs off again and Binky scolds Nemo for leaving him.

That night, Nemo is scratching at Binky's dresser, but soon falls asleep with him. The following morning, Binky feeds Nemo a bowl of milk. After trying the milk, Nemo runs under the table. Binky mentions that Francine will be by soon to pick up Nemo, and Nemo hisses. Binky wonders if maybe Francine is mean and abusive to Nemo; he refuses to let Nemo anywhere near Francine and he tries to hide the kitty from everyone. Arthur and Buster confront him and tell him that Francine has been looking for him.

Finding nowhere else, Binky takes Nemo up to the tree house and goes to get Nemo some more kitty food. After some time shopping, Binky returns to find Nemo gone! Binky searches and finds Nemo on a branch of the tree, but when Binky tells him he has to take him home, Nemo immediately runs off; this ends up with Crusher chasing after him and a confrontation between pets in the bushes. Just as Francine shows up, and discovers what's happening with Nemo, the cat scratches at Crusher, which scares the dog and the others away. Binky cannot make sense of why Nemo is suddenly acting so nice to Francine, and he asks Francine if she has been mean and abusive towards him.

Francine denies this, then finally tells Binky that he should have read the instructions because Nemo is allergic to milk, which makes him behave really weird. For the troubles he caused towards Francine and Nemo, Binky insists on returning Francine's money. However, Francine declines, allowing him to keep it for taking overall good care of Nemo. Binky agrees to be Nemo's official cat watcher from now on when Francine cannot be home to take care of him or tend to his needs and the episode finishes with Nemo relaxing in Francine's arms.






Episode connections[]


  • When Francine went to Arthur's house, the front door was white instead of its usual brown.
  • In the intro, Arthur's dad briefly has the sleeves and skin tone of the French man in the next scene.

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