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"Pet Projects"
Season/Series: 14
Number in season: 5b
Original Airdate: United States October 29, 2010[1]
Canada November 17, 2010[3]
United Kingdom January 5, 2011[2]
Written by: Scott Gray
Storyboard by: Rob Clarke
"Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny"
"Follow the Bouncing Ball"
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"Pet Projects" is the second half of the fifth episode in the fourteenth season of Arthur.


Arthur, Francine, Buster, and Muffy are making videos about Pal and Nemo for a contest, but to the pets' dismay, they are not liking the results of the videos.


In the introduction, Arthur introduces the three first films he ever made. As a baby, he knocked over his dad’s camera. Years later, he accidentally filmed a rock, because he forgot to turn the camera off. His third movie featured Pal dressed up as an alien.

Pet Projects

Arthur watches a show called “Perfect Pet” which organizes a contest for home movies about pets. Arthur has a fantasy of him and Pal being movie stars. He asks Buster to do the filming. However, Pal just sleeps instead of doing tricks.

At the park, the boys meet Francine and Muffy who want to enter the contest with Nemo. So far, Nemo has done a better job. For example, he learned to ride a skateboard. Arthur tries to get Pal to do tricks like catching a frisbee, riding a skateboard and jumping through a hoop, but Pal is only good at being cute. That is a category in the contest, however, so Arthur and Buster film Pal being cute.

Nemo is jealous, since even he cannot resist Pal's cuteness, but then Francine "cutens him up" by dressing him in a bonnet. Nemo is embarrassed, while Pal finds it hilarious.

Since Nemo is now both cute and does tricks, Buster suggests jazzing up the footage of Pal with an editing program. Pal is hurt that Arthur thinks he is not interesting enough as he is, so he meets with Nemo. They decide to stop doing what their owners tell them to.

For the last category in the contest, Nemo and Pal are supposed to show affection. Both give their owners the "rear in the face treatment."

Arthur and Francine meet and agree not to enter the contest because it upsets their pets. Pal and Nemo congratulate each other.

Buster eventually wins the contest for a film on Arthur and Francine making their respective films. Arthur and Francine make up with their pets by being extra nice to them.






Episode connections

Cultural references


  • The film showing Arthur's baby steps is set in the same room as the introduction, which does not look like any room in the Read house.

Production notes

  • Many PBS program scheduling systems mistakenly omit this episode's title and only include the episode it is paired with, "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny."[4][5][6]
  • In the US, this is the last time "Pal Howls" title card is used.


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