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Peter K. Hirsch is the head writer on Arthur. He was a staff writer for the first four seasons of Arthur and took over as head writer after Joe Fallon and Ken Scarborough left the production crew. He is perhaps the program's most prolific writer, having written 115 episodes in total thus far, as well as writing episodes for every season of the program, except for season 23. He also wrote lyrics for some songs in the special Arthur's Perfect Christmas. Some of his other writing credits include Martha Speaks, Curious George and Time Warp Trio.

His wife Cusi Cram is also a writer on the show.

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  • The name 'Peter' appears on a paper on the bulletin board behind Arthur in "Arthur's Big Hit" right after Binky walks into Ratburn's classroom.

Peter Hirsch (Top Right) at the 2000 Peabody Awards


  • Hirsch would commonly tell new writers coming on board "Arthur" not to talk down to children when scripting episodes but to instead, "write from your own experiences—things that would disturb, inspire or engage you..."[3]
  • In 2000, Hirsch, as well some other Arthur production members including Carol Greenwald, Greg Bailey, and Marc Brown were present at the Peabody Awards after an episode won the award.

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