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Pinchman's Chocolates
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Food & Drinks



First Appeared (cartoon)

"Buster's Sweet Success"

Pinchman's Chocolates is a company that makes chocolates, if not other candies as well. In "Buster's Secret Admirer," Buster received a box of chocolates from a mysterious secret admirer. Arthur found another box at a store, and told Buster that it was expensive, meaning that the admirer is rich.

Pinchman's Chocolates are also featured in "Buster's Sweet Success." The Lakewood Elementary School Band is selling the chocolates to raise money. However, in this episode each box sells for $3, possibly implying that it is another type, a cheaper type, of chocolate made by the company.

Based on the shapes of the chocolates, Pinchman's Chocolates were given to Mr. Morris and Mrs. MacGrady in "April 9th" and "The Great MacGrady," respectively. Muffy mentions how they are imported.