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This article is about the track from the album. You may be looking for the club.
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"Poetry Club" is track 16 of the album Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape). It is recitation of poetry by Francine, Buster and Arthur with a percussive accompaniment. The poems were originally featured in the Arthur story "I'm a Poet." D.W. also inserts herself into the proceedings in her own unique fashion.



Time for poetry club.


My dad took me to a hockey game
I got hit on the head by a puck
I yelled out — Ow! My head! Ow!
Call an ambulance! Ouch! Ow!
Oh, brother, this hurts!
Put ice on it!
It's gonna swell!
I got a big old purple lump on my head
And used it for show and tell.


These are the things that make me nauseous
Gloopy green gloop that drips from faucets
Blue hair that grows on slices of bread
When your big old dog drools in your bed.
When a dirty sock drops on your face, P.U.
When your friend's baby sister starts to spew
Half a worm in the apple you bit
Finding a human bone in your jello
Blowing nose-slime green and yellow
And people who eat creamed corn with their
mouths open so you can see it.
The end.

Arthur ("Jimmy in the City")

Jimmy was a happy ape until some hunters caught him
He liked the jungle better than the city where they brought him

The city was louder; the city was meaner
Even the dirt in the jungle was cleaner

So Jimmy made a daring escape
The hunters were suddenly minus one ape

He climbed the tallest building
Because from there he'd see
How far away the jungle was
From the middle of the city

Jimmy jumped into a passing plane
But the pilot didn't wait for him to explain

Jimmy flew back to the jungle and told his ape
friends in their lair
"The city's okay for a visit,
but you couldn't make me live there."


Wacky, goofy, goony, spoony
Absolutely busalooey


Hold it! Did you say "busalooey"?


You're interrupting my poem.


There's no such word... except in that song!


You didn't say I couldn't read it. You just said...


No "Crazy Bus"!

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