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Arthur Read
Unnamed Triplets (formerly)

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Rides the Bandwagon"

Poogles are a children's toy that appears in "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon" and "Prunella the Packrat". and "Arthur and D.W Clean Up".

Poogles appear to be a cheap knockoff of the Woogles, another children's toy with happy faces that can squeeze, stretch, bounce, and talk. Poogles, however, can do none of these things, and have the appearance of green, potato-shaped beings with silly faces painted on them, and a hard body with hands and legs. The only thing they do is quietly wheeze when squeezed, as Arthur found out, but apart from that, they are little more than a cheap novelty. These toys were so cheap and useless that the kids of Elwood City generally stayed away from them, except for Arthur, who bought one by accident because he thought they were actually Woogles.


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