Princess Lemini
Princess Lemini riding the camel.jpg
Age About 1
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Black
Complexion Yellow
Job Princess
Cartoon debut "Mei Lin Takes a Stand"

Princess Lemini is the main character of Pepe's story in "Mei Lin Takes a Stand".


Princess Lemini is an alter ego of Mei Lin Barnes and thus looks exactly like her. She wears oriental clothing with no shoes.


Princess Lemini is originally described as lazy. However, during the course of the story, she undergoes many hardships in order to save her beloved jester Lap.


Princess Lemini was the daughter of the king of the imaginary land Hands and Knees, where everybody crawled. After her beloved jester Lap was turned to stone by the jealous servant Meno, she went out into the desert to find a cure. A camel carried her to Dr. Baba Kety who sent her to get a magic fruit from an island. Lemini was attacked by a sea giant, had to climb a steep mountain, and was eventually carried home by a stork. In order to give Lap the fruit, she had to stand. After curing Lap, she taught everybody except Meno how to walk upright.


"Lemini" is an anagram of "Mei Lin".

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