Alan Powers: I know what you're thinking. You're wondering what causes night and day. Very simple. During the day, we see the sun in the sky, right? That's because in daytime the part of the earth that we're on is facing the sun. We are right here, sunny but the earth rotates, so we move away from the sun... see? And it gets dark where we are because the other side of the earth is now facing the sun.

Arthur: Brain, what are you doing?

Brain: Explaining how the rotation of the earth causes day and night.

Arthur: Why are you wasting your time? They don't understand what you're saying.

Brain: Of course they do. They're smarter than you think. Would you like to hear about gravity? (barking)

TV ANNOUNCER: On Nova, "Crazy for Dinosaurs"...

D.W.: Arthur.

Arthur: Dad, D.W.'s about to bother us!

D.W.: I didn't even say anything!

Arthur: I know you. You'll start asking "What are you watching? What's that? What's happening?"

David: Please don't bother them, D.W. They're watching a program for school.

D.W.: What are they watching? What's that? What's happening?

Francine: Muffy lost her mother's expensive p-e-n.

D.W.: Her what? If you spell stuff I can't understand you.

Arthur: That's exactly why we spell stuff. (Kate cooing) Buster's mom will drive us to the theater.

David: What movie will you see?

Arthur: 5,000 Explosions and a Supernova. It's got science in it, okay?

D.W.: I want to go, too!

Arthur: You wouldn't understand it.

D.W.: Would so. Just because I haven't learned all you learn at school doesn't mean I'm not as smart.

Arthur: Yes, it does.

D.W.: It's not fair. I'm smart and everybody treats me like I'm Kate or something. (door hinge creaks)


D.W.: Hi, Alan.

Arthur: Who are you talking to?

Alan: [aka the Brain] Me—my name's Alan.

D.W.: Alan, did you always know you were smart?

Arthur: D.W., we're trying to do homework! We've got 50 more math problems to do so don't bug us.

Alan: It's okay. I'll keep her out of your hair. D.W., let's play a game.

D.W.: Let's watch NOVA.

Alan: You really think that's fun?

D.W.: Arthur never lets me watch with him. He thinks I'm too dumb.

NARRATOR: On Nova, a mystery in the icy depth... I'd seen something...

D.W.: I always thought science was just a lot of people sitting and thinking.

Alan: Science is all action. One person develops a theory. Another person dares them to prove it then they struggle to develop experiments to prove they're right.

D.W.: Being right is so cool!

BRAIN: See? It's magnetized—it always points north. That's how you make a compass.

D.W.: Whoa... And that tells what time it is by where the sun is in the sky.

Brain: Exactly.

Arthur: Well I finally finished.

D.W.: Wow, Arthur, it took you... more than a half hour longer than Alan to do the same exact homework.

Arthur: Why don't you play with Kate? Brain and I are playing now.

Brain: Actually, it's time for me to go home. See you, Arthur, bye, D.W.

Arthur: I hope you didn't bother the Brain. (Kate cooing) (Kate laughing)

D.W.: Have you noticed that Kate throws her food but she tries to eat her ball? Fascinating.

Arthur: The Brain and I were trying to do homework today and D.W. kept bothering him.

David: D.W....

D.W.: Arthur is not correct. I can prove it with one phone call to Alan. Dad, could I have a little more H2O?

Arthur: What?!

D.W.: That's the formula for water.

Arthur: I know that. I didn't know you knew that.

David: H2O... that's very impressive, D.W.

Arthur: Aw, she just heard me say it; she's like a parrot.

D.W.: No... I'm as smart as you. (blows raspberry)

Arthur: May I go to the Science Center Exploratorium with Brain and his mom on Sunday?

D.W.: That's the place where you see how things work and stuff! I want to go, too!

Arthur: No! They don't want little kids like you there.

D.W.: Prove it—I bet they'd be happy that a smart kid like me is interested. Make him take me! Make him!

Arthur: No, she can't go! Mom... Dad!

David: Well, sweetheart, it might be boring for you.

D.W.: I'm too smart to get mad. Arthur, my theory is someday you're going to be begging to go to the explora- ror-rorium with me.

Jane: Wow... I thought she'd come running back in all mad.

David: Maybe you underestimate your sister, Arthur.

Arthur: (chortling): Yeah. Good one, Dad. What are you guys doing?

Timmy: We're in line.

Arthur: Oh. In line for what?

D.W.: Step right this way and prepare to fill your brains with... |Excuse me, son. Ticket, please.

Arthur: I don't have a ticket.

D.W.: Sorry... Ticket holders only.

Kids: Wow! Cool! Unbelievable!

Arthur: What's going on back there? All right, how much is a ticket?

D.W.: For kids younger than seven, 50 cents. For brothers over the age of seven... five bucks.

Arthur: What?! No way am I giving you five bucks!

Kids: Wow! Look at that!

Arthur: D.W.! I have 73 cents; a ring that goes "hoo" when you blow it; a horse sticker that got torn in half and all I have is the back end; and a sourball from Buster.

D.W.: Okay. Welcome to D.W.'s Explainarorium. All the mysteries of the world proved—with real science experiments! Who can tell me how to make water? (grunts)

Timmy: My hand's higher!

Tommy: No, mine!

D.W.: Timmy? You were first.

Tommy: I can raise my hand higher.

Teacher: Fine... But how do we make water?

Tommy: I don't know... But I can raise my hand higher!

D.W.: The formula for water is... H2O. The "O" means "oxygen"—that's air. This bucket is full of air, see? The "H" stands for "hose." So, I turn on the hose which combines "H" with "O" and makes water!

Kids: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Arthur: Hold it! That's not right.

D.W.: Prove it!

Arthur: There's water in the hose.

That's it.

Water in the hose...


You haven't proven your theory yet I have filled a bucket with water.

Who should we believe?

Where does hair come from?

The inside of your head is filled with miles and miles of hair.

Once all of it grows out of your head, then you're bald!

That's not how hair works.

Then how does it work?


You know...


It hurts more to fall on your knees than your behind because bones are sensitive and your behind's not.

No bones!

"Why snakes have no feet." A gazillion years ago, snakes used to have feet but they ran so fast to escape dinosaurs that they fell off.

KIDS: Wow!

No two snowflakes are alike because the guy running the factory can't remember how to do it because it's so complicated.

Rather than just fire him we get these crazy snowflakes.

Why is the sky blue?

Because brown was already taken by dirt; green was already taken by grass; yellow by bananas and red by apples.

D.W., the sky is blue because air particles reflect blue light.

Prove it.

Well... you prove yours.

Is dirt brown?

Is grass green?

Are bananas yellow?

Is the sky blue?

She's right again!


D.W.: Wind is made by trees blowing.

Look, they're going...

(blowing) (yells in frustration) You have to explain to her that she just can't make stuff up and call it... science?

Look out that tree's blowing on you!

This is terrible!

Tiny little kids believe what she says.

Buster: Hey! This is great. I never knew the ocean was made by sand moving away from the beach so fast it turns to liquid.

Arthur: No! Buster, she's making it up!

Buster: Really? Some of it sounds right. I can fall on my behind all day and never feel a thing.

D.W.: Then the sun runs out of gas and turns off, and it's night.

Brain: Day and night are caused by the earth's rotation.

D.W.: Oh, yeah? Prove it!

Brain: I can't exactly prove it... but other people have. It's in books and museums...

D.W.: I don't believe you. You can't prove it because you're wrong.

Arthur: I know how we can prove she's wrong! They have all this at the Exploratorium! Mom, Dad, can D.W. please come to the Exploratorium tomorrow?

David: You want to take D.W. with you?

Arthur: Yes, please! Tell her she has to go! (static crackling) (liquid gurgling) (liquid bubbling) Now do you see how stuff really works and how all your crazy experiments were wrong?

D.W.: I only had one experiment, Arthur. I said one day you'd beg to take me here, and here I am. My experiment was a complete success: I proved I'm smarter than you.

Arthur: Did what I think happened... happen?

Brain: Maybe she's a lot smarter than we think.

Arthur: A smart D.W.? (moans) I don't know if the world is ready for that.

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