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Prunella's 4th grade class
4th Grade Class 2
Location Lakewood Elementary School
Type Class
Administrator Mr. Haney
Number of students 24
(10 confirmed)
(14 unconfirmed)
Number of rooms 1
First appearance Prunella's Special Edition

Prunella's 4th grade class is a class at Lakewood Elementary School in Elwood City. The teacher of the class has yet to be identified.

The classroom has been seen only a few times in the series, mostly in episodes that center around Prunella Deegan. Prunella sits toward the rear of the classroom, but not all the way to the back.


The class has a SOAR poster on the back of the room and underneath the word SOAR appears to be an opened book. Next to the poster is a brown-colored shelf holding books.

The desks are all brown on top and green on the bottom including the legs and the same goes for the chairs. There is most likely a single large window on the left side of the classroom.

Confirmed Students[]


  • It is unknown if any member of the Tough Customers attends this class.
  • The teacher of this class has never been confirmed, however it could be Mr. Bevel.
  • Binky and the Brain are of the same age as the students in this grade, but both boys were held back due to different circumstances.