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"Prunella's Special Edition"
Season/Series: 6
Number in season: 3A
Original Airdate: United States October 8, 2001[1]
Canada January 11, 2002[2]
Written by: Matthew Lane
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Buster's Sweet Success"
"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies"
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"Prunella's Special Edition" is the first half of the third episode in the sixth season of Arthur.


While the townspeople line up at the bookstore for the latest Henry Skreever book, Prunella orders a special monogrammed limited edition from England—and gets a Braille one by mistake.


The episode starts out in a fantasy sequence with Prunella. She takes 100 steps, trying to find some sort of special book. Straight ahead of her, she spots a bookshelf and heads towards it. She sees three books, all written by famous authors. She reads the titles of the books aloud and she notices they all have something in common; they are all about birds. The books fly off of the bookshelf making bird noises, and they corner her. She casts a spell so she can make a door and escape. She runs into the doorway, it opens, and the books are all on the other side of the door so she is away from harm. She then falls down a trap door into an abyss. She finds a rock to hold onto, but her wand falls. She then remembers having a magic carpet and unfolds it. She hops on it and is saved. She finds the book she was looking for, only to discover that all of the pages are blank. Then the five wizards (Arthur, Francine, Brain, Buster, and Muffy) in the portrait laugh at her.

Prunella's Special Edition

We see Arthur, Buster, and Brain in front of a bookstore in a line waiting to buy the next Henry Skreever book. They notice Prunella isn't there and they think that she already has the book.

After that, it switches to Prunella's house, where she is wearing wizard's robes. She paints a green key on her forehead, and hangs stars up in her room. She hammers something on the staircase, and, upon hearing the noise, Rubella comes to see what's going on. Prunella "guards" the entrance and asks Rubella for the password. She is very excited, and says it's "only one more day!"

Everyone is walking into the school with Prunella looking at it thinking she will get the book in five hours. She casts an imaginary magic spell "Hicklety picklety, pocklety pea, Lakewood School, I transform ye!" She imagines the school turning into Pigblisters School of Charms, Tricks & Spells, with Mr. Morris walking a winged pig on a leash, and Mr. Ratburn's car stuck in the Mangling Maple tree.

Arthur interrupts Prunella's fantasy by walking in front of her and asking her what page she is on. Prunella says she doesn't have the book yet, and brags of getting a monogrammed copy of it from England. But of course, Muffy has three copies of it. She also has the Cabbage of Mayham talking watch, to which Prunella insults it and calls it a fake, because it has a picture of Henry wearing braces, and, as Prunella says, Henry had his braces removed in Book 1, "The Brick of Wonders". She snidely suggests that Muffy read something easier, like "Pretty Rainbow, Pretty Colors", and offers to lend to Muffy her copy of it from when she was younger.

While playing soccer, Prunella imagines it's a Soupitch match, with levitating vegetables and the players riding on flying carpets. Prunella gathers vegetables and drops them into a cauldron. She manages to achieve the main goal, catching a hopping bouillon cube, but then gets knocked off her carpet by a large tomato, being catapulted at her by other students. She snaps back to reality, where she is lying on the soccer field. Brain comes to her, concerned, saying it appeared she tripped twice.

Prunella counts down to the end of the school day on her watch, and runs out of the classroom, anxious to get home to "Henry Skreever".

When she arrives home, Rubella tells her that she has a package. Prunella grabs it from her and runs up to her room. She unwraps the box and, when she opens the book, she discovers that it's a Braille edition. She contacts the book company, but they say the book she ordered in print will arrive in three weeks. She rides her bike, about to buy the book, and she sees Muffy and Francine coming out of the bookstore. She asks Muffy if she can borrow her copy of it, but she refuses and walks off with Francine, laughing at Prunella (most likely teaching her a lesson for insulting her watch). Prunella then notices that the Henry Skreever book is sold out.

Prunella observes everyone reading their copies of the book, and becomes more eager to read it. She goes to the library, but they don't have a copy of it, either. She goes on the Internet to try to find one, to no avail.

When all else fails, Prunella borrows a big, red book from the library titled "How to Read Braille". She falls asleep while reading it and is awakened by Sue Ellen, who offers help- after she finishes the remaining two chapters of Henry Skreever.

When Sue Ellen leaves, Prunella bumps into a blind girl named Marina Datillo. She picks up the book and discovers that it's Braille. She asks if she can borrow it, and Prunella says that she can keep it. Marina tells Prunella that the book is personalized with her name in Braille. She offers to read the book to Prunella, but Prunella says she had wanted to read it herself, noting she likes to do the voices out loud. She allows Marina to borrow the book for now, though. Marina says she'll return it to Prunella next Saturday, and starts to read it. Hearing Marina being enthusiastic right at the beginning of the story, Prunella asks to know what's happening. She sits down and Marina begins to read it to her.






  • This is the first episode Marina appears in.
  • As with all season six episodes, the end credits originally featured a remixed version of Believe in Yourself. Beginning in 2015, the credits were reformatted for reruns and now include the standard version of the song.
  • In 2002, this episode was voted as a fan-favorite during the PBS Kids Vote-A-Rama event.
  • Marc Brown appears in new version of the following A Word from Us Kids segment after the episode
  • The original airing with Justin Bradley doing Arthur's voice has never been released on any home media since its initial airdate.
  • It is inferred that Marina kept the "special edition" copy of the book after this episode, as it is never mentioned again and obviously, she would benefit from it much more than Prunella would.

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