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Prunella Deegan
Age 9[1][2]
Grade 4th
Gender Female
Animal Poodle[3]
Birthday Winter[4]
Hair color Brown (s1-s15)
Red (s16-present)
Complexion Tan (s1-s15)
Yellow (s16-present)
Favorite color Gold[1]
Residence Prunella's House, Elwood City
Family *Wanda Deegan (mother)
Book debut Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Tamar Kozlov (TV series)
Wendee Lee (Arthur's Missing Pal)
Bianca Rasmussen (Arthur's Teacher Trouble (game))
Michelle Graham (Arthur's Birthday (game))

Prunella Deegan is a 4th grader who lives in Elwood City. She is best friends with Marina Datillo and is also friends with Arthur Read and the other third graders. She is an avid reader and, like her sister Rubella, is interested in the supernatural.

Physical appearance

Prunella is a tall, slender anthropomorphic poodle with curly auburn hair adorn by a turquoise bow and black dot eyes. In almost all of her appearances, she is shown wearing a short turquoise dress. She occasionally has whites for eyes when she expresses surprise about things happening (although in the books, she was sometimes illustrated with visible whites around her eyes as well as the other characters, who were randomly drawn to have white or black eyes). During formal occasions, she wears a light blue dress with white strings that she ties together. From season 16 onwards, her hair has become a brighter red color.


Prunella is fairly smart, superstitious, a little bit selfish, and at times can be a bit of a snob. She often thinks that she is better than everybody at everything just because she is one year older than the third graders. This is shown in Arthur's "Spelling Trubble" when Prunella tells Arthur that he will never beat her and that she's the best speller in the school.

Prunella becomes friends with Marina after Prunella accidentally receives a brail copy of the new Henry Skreever novel in "Prunella's Special Edition". Marina reads the brail copy of the book to Prunella and after this the two of them are friends.

While it is unknown if she is a Tough Customer, she frequently eats lunch with them and is class partners with them. She participates in torturing the younger students, but she does it by herself and instead of pranks, she scares them by telling stories of things she or her sister has experienced. (Arthur's Dummy Disaster).

Prunella likes to tell the 3rd graders stories of when she was in Mr. Ratburn's class, though she tends to exaggerate. For example, in "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn", she tells the kids going into Mr. Ratburn's class that Mr. Ratburn eats nails for breakfast. She has also told kids other stories that they believe, but later they figure out that what she tells them is far from their actual experience of 3rd grade.

She also at times has helped her third grade friends. (Fern's Slumber Party, Team Trouble).

Prunella can be influenced by Muffy, even though they do not hang out with each other very often. For example, she hates kickball because she doesn't want to get her shoes dirty and she desires the finest clothes. She even acts like Muffy, like when she wanted new, hip pants called "Flash Pants".

She can also be jealous as shown in "Three's a Crowd" when she gets upset at Marina for being better at yoga than her, and stealing her and her mom's special time together.

She is also worried about her future and not getting into a good college as shown in" Prunella Packs It In". She signs up for different classes in order to make herself seem more interesting. She later discovers that her talent for set painting could help her in the future with college and that she shouldn't be worrying about college yet seeing as she is only 9.

She is also known to have a compulsive hoarding disorder as seen in the episode "Prunella the Packrat", where she tries to save items she believes are important to her when she is told to clean out her closet.


Prunella is a major Henry Skreever fan along with her best friend Marina. They both have all of the books, loads of Henry Skreever merchandise, and even have Henry Skreever themed slumber parties.

Along with Henry Skreever, she enjoys fortune-telling (such as using a crystal ball, reading I Ching, You Ching and playing cootie catcher), yoga, and paranormal phenomena. However, her predictions are usually not accurate. Instead, she incorporates the prediction with an object in the room she is in.

At school, Prunella takes shop class, plays trombone in the school band, and competes on the Lakewood Elementary baseball team. She served on the decorating committee of the Earth Day Fair and paints sets for plays at school. All in all, she is very active in school activities.


Prunella lives in Elwood City with her mother and older teenage sister Rubella. Prunella may have a father who lives with her, but it is uncomfrimed and it assumed that he works a lot because he is never home. He appeared momentarily in the episode "The Chips are Down" at Rubella and Binky's ballet recital. She is nicknamed "Pruney" by her mother.


Although Prunella is in fourth grade, she is usually friends with the third graders but had a few fourth-grade friends at her parties in "Misfortune Teller" and "Prunella Gets it Twice."

  • Marina Datillo - Prunella's best friend. They both like Henry Skreever and they play games related to it at each other's houses.
  • Muffy Crosswire - Prunella's second best friend. Even if they don't hang out much Prunella acts a lot like Muffy sometimes, such as shopping (usually for new clothes). Prunella was once jealous when she didn't get to buy flash pants that Muffy bought and enjoyed. It is revealed in the episode Sue Ellen Moves In that at first they hated each other but eventually learned to get along.
  • Francine Frensky - They don't hang out much and they don't share a lot in common, even though they are friends. Francine once bought her a second Polly Locket for her 10th birthday in "Prunella Gets it Twice", and she also cheated Francine into thinking Arthur was in love with her in "Arthur and the Square Dance."
  • Brain - Prunella and Brain are both smart but they rarely hang out with each other. However, Prunella did manage to keep Brain's secret of being held back in kindergarten in "Brain's Shocking Secret". In "The Blizzard," it could be implied that their mothers are friends because Brain just happens to be at Prunella's house during most of the episode.
  • Jenna Morgan - They don’t really hang out that much, but In "Arthur Goes Crosswire," she is seen with Jenna throughout the episode. She is seen with her again, at "Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain".



  • It is revealed in Arthur's Spelling Trubble that Prunella is a great speller, but soon lost the crown to Arthur.
  • Her surname, Deegan, was taken from one of the writer's last names, Jacqui Deegan.
  • She has been seen erroneously in Nigel Ratburn's class several times, due to the fact that she was in his class the previous school year.
  • She sometimes is erroneously referred to as a rat, despite the shape of her ears and lack of whiskers.[5]
  • Prunella's bedtime is 10:00 PM.[6]


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