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"Prunella Sees the Light"
Season/Series: 7
Number in season: 9A
Original Airdate: United States November 28, 2002[1]
Canada February 3, 2003[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Is There a Doctor in the House?"
"Return of the Snowball"
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"Prunella Sees the Light" is the first half of the ninth episode in the seventh season of Arthur.


To make everything perfect for her sleepover with Marina, Prunella happily styles her room to resemble a "Henry Skreever" book. But then she panics - since Marina is blind, will decorations she can't even see offend her... or worse, make her trip? Or will Prunella discover that her worries about protecting Marina - and their friendship - are more about Prunella's own perceptions rather than Marina's actual capabilities?[3]


The episode begins with Prunella reading her crystal ball for Buster, predicting the upcoming math test. She tires before reading how well Buster will do on it, so Buster offers her one piece of candy. This is not enough for Prunella, and Buster makes the excuse that he ate the rest of them during the long walk over to her house. As the buddies head downstairs to get a snack, the camera zooms in on the crystal ball. The fog parts to show Marina shouting at Prunella before it cuts to the title card.

Prunella Sees the Light

Marina and Prunella are at the Deegans' house watching a television ad for the upcoming movie Henry Skreever and the Brick of Wonder. The girls are ecstatic and think of hobbies to do before the movie premieres in theaters. Prunella comes up with something, but refrains from telling Marina, saying it is a secret. The girls then get into a fight as Marina tries to get Prunella to confess.

At a department store, Buster is begging Prunella to tell him how he will do on the math test, offering a batch of homemade Buster Clusters. Prunella declines and continues to shop for pink and white bedsheets to turn her room into a recreation of the Castle of Yes (from the third Henry Skreever book, The Pottage of Villany) for a surprise sleepover with Marina. Buster remarks that since Marina is blind, she would not notice it anyway. Regardless, Prunella insists that it must be so, as Buster runs off after his tongue turns black from eating the Buster Clusters.

Prunella goes to sleep after she finishes decorating her room. She dreams of being inconsiderate of Marina's blindness, as she cannot see that the room was decorated. Furthermore, it would not be possible for Marina to play cards or to make her way around the room on her own. The dream ends with Marina turning Prunella into a giraffe. Prunella wakes up and takes down the pink and white bedsheets.

The next day, Prunella meets with Muffy at The Sugar Bowl to get advice on how to make her room safe for Marina. Prunella exclaims that she does not have the money to remodel her room, and so Muffy gives her some budget ideas.

Prunella ends up padding up all the corners and rails of her house, putting away all of her playing cards and board games, and tying a guide string to the toilet lever. Rubella trips on the string as she comes up the stairs and points out how ridiculous Prunella is being, and instead suggests that Prunella just ask Marina about any special accommodations she would need. Prunella insists that she wants to surprise Marina with the sleepover, but gives in when Rubella points out that Marina may have a bad experience if Prunella does not actually find out what actual accommodations she would need.

Prunella walks over to Mighty Mountain Elementary to find and ask Marina about the sleepover and what she would need, but is surprised to find her playing soccer. Marina explains that the soccer ball has a beeper inside so she can hear where it is. Then Marina invites Prunella over to her house for a sleepover the night before the movie premiere, and Prunella accepts the offer, as this way, she doesn't have to worry about making accommodations for Marina.

Prunella arrives at the Datillo's house, asking why Marina is not using her cane. Marina explains that she is familiar with where everything is in her own house. Mrs. Datillo serves the girls dinner, telling Marina how the food is laid out using a clock face for reference. After dinner, Prunella and Marina are on the way to her room, when suddenly Prunella screams and tells Marina to watch out due to the rug being turned back, and that she could have tripped. Marina laughs, and tells Prunella the way she reacted, Marina thought the house was on fire. They then play Braille cards, which Prunella talks about how cool they are. Prunella tries to be overly helpful and starts to ask many questions regarding how Marina copes with being blind. Marina gets frustrated and asks Prunella to stop asking so many questions, but then she trips and falls on a playing card. Prunella helps her up and asks if she should tell Mrs. Datillo what happened. Marina finally, has had enough, as seen in the crystal ball at the beginning of the episode, and angrily yells at Prunella. Prunella is on the verge of crying and says that she should leave, and Marina reaffirms that she is not being forced to stay.

Back at home, Prunella is crying into her pillow, as Buster comes up with a large bag of candy, again trying to get her to predict how he will do on the math exam. Prunella explains that she got into a fight with Marina, but does not understand what she did wrong, and was actually trying to be extra considerate. Buster then tells Prunella that Marina probably did not like her fussing over her blindness, relating it to how he would not like people fussing over his asthma. Realizing this, Prunella tells Buster that he should do fine on the exam as long as he studies, and leaves in a hurry to call Marina.

At the movie theater, Prunella and Marina are sitting together watching the Henry Skreever movie. They discuss the movie after it ends, with Marina explaining that she heard the character descriptions through wearing a special headset, which she gives back to the theater usher on their way out. As they are walking home, they continue to criticize the movie as if Marina was not blind and could have visually seen it. The episode finishes with the 'WALK' signal beeping and Marina offering her arm so that Prunella can guide her in crossing the street.






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