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D.W. Read

First Appeared (cartoon)

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

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Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Quackers is a toy D.W. gets from Santa Claus instead of Tina the Talking Tabby. It is a plush toy duck that sings when you squeeze its belly. It could also say a number of phrases, over 5,000 in all, but it couldn't say "meow." It is possible that the singing mechanism is separate from the talking mechanism, as D.W. was able to make him sing at will. His outfit has a sailor theme.

D.W. really wanted Tina, but came to accept Quackers as being "kinda cute." She later declared that Santa knew she would like Quackers much better than Tina.

Quackers' Phrases[]

  • I love you. Do you love me?
  • Quack-a-doodle-doo!

Quackers' Song[]

Quick, Quack, Quaddy Quack

Squeeze my belly, squeeze my back

Quooky Quiddy, Quacky Quo

Pull my bill, pull my toe

Quicky Quacky, Doodley Doo

You love me and I love you





D.W. accepts Quackers in the book version

  • The toy's singing was recorded by Sonja Ball.
  • In the book version of Arthur's Perfect Christmas, D.W. states instead that Quackers is capable of saying over 4,000 words and that she wants to hear them all.
  • In "Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery", a Quackers toy is seen in Grandma Tibble's doll room.