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Ramón Molina
Ramon molina
Gender Male
Animal Cat
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown
Residence Ecuador (formerly)
Youngstown (formerly)
Molina family's house, Elwood City
Family Mrs. Molina (wife)
Vicita Molina (daughter)
Alberto Molina (son)
Unnamed mother or mother-in-law
Unnamed father or father-in-law
Unnamed nieces or nephews
Unnamed grandmother
Job Restaurant chef
Cartoon debut "Arthur and Los Vecinos"
Voiced by Juan Chioran (s6-s11; s14-s25)[1]
Luis De Cepedes (s12)

Ramon Molina[2] (originally spelled Ramón[citation needed]) is Vicita and Alberto Molina's father and one of the Read family's new neighbors introduced in "Arthur and Los Vecinos." He and his family are from Ecuador. He is a chef[3] and he owns an Ecuadorian restaurant called Café con Leche. He and his family lived in Youngstown for five years before moving to Elwood City.

He is friends with David Read. They enjoy talking about food and cooking. They were once in a competition (mentioned in "Brain Gets Hooked") to see who could set up the best Christmas decorations, and ended up causing a power outage. He is very enthusiastic about his children participating in sports as seen in "Molina's Mulligan."

Change in appearance[]

Ramon molina 2

Ramon in "Arthur's Snow Biz"

From his first appearance, Ramón's hair has changed color, as shown in "Arthur and Los Vecinos," "Arthur's Snow Biz," and "Bleep."