Arthur Wiki
Gender Male
Animal Dinosaur
Eye color Blue
Complexion Green
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"
Voiced by Rob Tinkler

Rapty is Bud Compson‘s stuffed dinosaur and his imaginary friend, first seen in "Based on a True Story." When Bud imagines Rapty as a talking dinosaur, he imagines the toy getting larger and turning into a full-size dinosaur.

Rapty speaks in a somewhat deep voice and provides encouragement to Bud when he feels uncomfortable or unconfident; he got Bud through his move to Louisiana, his first haircut, and his first day of preschool.[1]

As shown in "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose," Rapty is able to communicate with Nadine when Bud imagines him being alive.

In "The Lost Dinosaur," Bud tries to find a different imaginary friend while Rapty is in the dryer. He is given Platy, Ladonna's imaginary friend, although Bud finds him annoying.

"When Duty Calls" reveals that the Rapty that Bud currently has is actually his second; he left the first Rapty in their house in Guam after moving away. At the end of the episode, Bud leaves Rapty to D.W.



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