Imaginary rapty


Gender Male
Animal Dinosaur
Eye color Blue
Complexion Green
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"
Voiced by Rob Tinkler

Rapty is Bud Compson's stuffed dinosaur and imaginary friend, first seen in "Based on a True Story". When Bud imagines Rapty as a talking dinosaur, he imagines the toy getting larger and turning into a full-size dinosaur.

Rapty speaks in a somewhat deep voice and provides encouragement to Bud when he feels uncomfortable or unconfident; he got Bud through his move to Louisiana, his first haircut, and his first day of preschool.[1]

As shown in "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose", Rapty is able to communicate with Nadine when Bud imagines him being alive.

"When Duty Calls" reveals that the Rapty that Bud currently has is actually his second; he left the first Rapty in their house in Guam after moving away.

In "The Lost Dinosaur", Bud tries to find a different imaginary friend while Rapty is in the dryer. He is given Platy, Ladonna's imaginary friend, although Bud finds him annoying.





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