Rat Villain
Rat Villain (red hat) and his partner capture Bionic Bunny
Gender Male
Animal Rodent
Book debut The Bionic Bunny Show
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Pet Business"
Rat Villain[1] and his unnamed partner in crime are generic villains that Bionic Bunny conflicted with until more creative supervillains began surfacing. They first appeared in the book, The Bionic Bunny Show, where they were actors robbing a bank on the TV show.

In "Arthur's Pet Business," they tied up Bionic Bunny in a bathtub floating in the ocean and pulled the plug, causing it to begin sinking. This may mean that they know about his salt allergy from "Binky Goes Nuts" if they tried drowning him in saltwater.

Arthur owns an action figure of one of them, which was seen in "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon" and "The Perfect Brother".






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