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Alternate Apparel

Season 1

Arthur Accused!

Arthur Goes to Camp

Arthur's Baby

Arthur Writes a Story

Arthur's Lost Dog

Meek for a Week

Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper

Sue Ellen Moves In

Bully for Binky

Arthur Cleans Up

I'm a Poet

The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club

My Club Rules

Season 2

Arthur Meets Mister Rogers

Arthur's Mystery Envelope

Buster Hits the Books

Arthur and the Square Dance

Sue Ellen's Lost Diary

Love Notes for Muffy

Arthur the Loser

Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard 

D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

Season 3

The Chips are Down

Meet Binky

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon 

Dad's Dessert Dilemma

Popular Girls

Buster's Growing Grudge

Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

Season 4

Arthur's Big Hit

Muffy's New Best Friend

The Blizzard

The Rat Who Came to Dinner

Buster's Best Behavior

Season 5

Pet Peeved

Bitzi's Beau

Season 6

Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?

The Boy with His Head in the Clouds

The Good Sport

Season 7

Don't Ask Muffy

Prunella Sees the Light

April 9th

Season 8

Thanks a Lot, Binky


D.W., Dancing Queen


Season 9

The Law of the Jungle Gym

D.W. Beats All

Binky Goes Nuts 

Arthur Makes Waves

Season 13

The Silent Treatment

Arthur's Number Nightmare

The Pride of Lakewood

Season 14

Arthur Unravels

Season 15

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Season 16

Flippity Francine

The Last Tough Customer

Brain's Chess Mess

Brain's Biggest Blunder

Season 18

Whip. Mix. Blend.

Season 19

Carl's Concerto

Season 20

Buster's Second Chance

Season 21

Take a Hike, Molly


Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 

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