This article is about the Read Family Farm. You may be looking for Dave's farm from Jane's side of the family.
Read Family Farm
Location Ohio
Type Llama farm
Residents Theodore Read
Chrissy Read
Ryder Read
First appearance "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

The Read Family Farm is where Arthur's great grand-uncle Theo's 85th birthday celebration takes place. It is where Theo, Chrissy, Ryder and Laurie live. David Read and his siblings would visit the farm each summer growing up, as did Thora when she was a child. It is located in Ohio.

A dirt driveway leads toward the old farmhouse, which features a large open porch. Across from the house is the hay barn, grain silo and windmill. In front of the grassy yard is a large corn field, surrounding a small swimming pond and llama stable.


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