The Read Family Reunion is an annual event in July that brings together all of the members of the Read extended family for a barbecue and fun and games. Arthur has always dreaded these reunions because of his cousin Mo, who has a history of playing too roughly with him.


The reunions take place at David Read's house, though it's possible that they have taken place at other relatives homes too. A lot of preparation, cleaning, and decorating goes into planning the reunions. At one reunion David thought he had forgotten to get burgers and hot dogs for the barbecue, however Jane had gotten them instead.

Once everyone has eaten, there typically are games such as sack racing, egg racing, charades, and musical shoes (though sometimes people are too tired for this last event).

Notable reunions

Arthur spent one reunion trying to avoid his cousin Mo, who played too roughly with him at previous reunions. As a result Arthur missed out on most of the events, though he did join the sack race and won, but only because he was trying to get away from Mo. When it started to rain it forced everybody to go inside. Arthur hid in the basement but when he heard someone playing the piano he went upstairs to go see who it was. It was Mo. She had decided to take up piano playing because she heard Arthur play at previous reunions and wanted to show him. The two reconciled, and everybody danced as Arthur and Mo played the piano with Bud mentioning that this was the best reunion ever and Jane and David kiss eachother with happiness.

Known Attendees

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