Arthur looks at the new fridge that came.

Arthur Read: It's so roomy! You can control the temperature on each drawer. And best of all, instant ice!

Arthur takes some instant ice in his water.

Arthur: I think this is the best refrigerator we've ever had!

D.W.: Forget the refrigerator. Check out this!

Arthur: It's a box. Big deal.

D.W.: (sighs) That's the difference between you and me, Arthur. You see a box, I see an elevator.

The box turns into an elevator. It shoots up into the sky.

D.W.: Or it could be a mobile home for birds!

Some birds sit on the box and carry it away. They drop it in the water.

D.W.: Or it could be a motor boat!

The box turns into a boat.

D.W.: Or a submarine!

The box goes underwater.

D.W.: Or a hotel for lobsters, or a unicorn temple, or a...

Arthur: You know what, D.W.? You're right. It isn't just a box. It's a big mess waiting to happen.

D.W.: ...or a library of big books, or a [indistinct] studio...

D.W. runs to Arthur.

Read and Flumberghast (spelled Read and Flumbergast)

Dad and Arthur help D.W. make the box.

Arthur: O-F...

Arthur is seen helping D.W. move the box to a position.

D.W.: A little to the left. Now to the right. Stop! Perfect! My very own office. I can't wait to get to work.

Arthur: What kind of work do you do?

D.W.: Arthur, I'm too busy to explain everything to you now. If you want to know more, make an appointment.

D.W. is now talking with Nadine about the first day of work.

D.W.: Okay, Nadine, we've got a lot to get done! So let's get to it. I need ten copies of this. Staple them and file them.

Nadine: Done!

The phone rings.

D.W.: Could you answer that, please?

Nadine: Good morning, D.W.'s office. It's the tooth fairy.

D.W.: Uhh, tell her nothing's wiggly. Call back in a few months.

Nadine: Sorry, Patricia, no teeth right now. But we appreciate your business.

D.W.: (sighs) I guess it's time to write the checks. Check, check, check, check. And here's a check for you!

Nadine: Can I have a raise?

D.W.: You just got here!

Nadine: And I've been working non-stop!

D.W.: Fine, fine. Here's a raise.

Nadine: Thank you! I love my job.

D.W.: Well, we love having you.

Nadine: What now?

D.W.: Juice break?

Nadine makes juice for D.W. and her.

D.W. and Nadine: Ah.

Bud and Arthur come to her office.

D.W.: (snoring)

Arthur: D.W.!

D.W.: Aah!

Arthur: You've got company!

D.W.: Do you have an appointment?

Bud: No, I just came by to borrow some fingerpaint.

D.W.: Let me check with my partner. Uh-huh. Yeah. Okay. Sorry, we're all out.

Bud: Who's your partner?

D.W.: Nadine. She's what you call a silent partner. Anyway, welcome to Read and...

D.W. looks at Nadine.

D.W.: ...Flumberghast! Funny. I never knew that was her last name. Is there anything else we can do for you?

Bud: You can get my cupcake back from that snack robber Tommy Tibble. Remember the other day when it was Emily's birthday?

Flashback to Emily's birthday party. She blows out the candles.

Bud: I was excited because no one had taken the one with red icing, and I love red icing.

Tommy gasps.

Bud: Even though it tastes just like any other icing. And then Timmy asked me to hold his juice and I put my cupcake down. When I went to pick it up again, it was gone! Tommy had red icing on his mouth. It may have been the worst day of my entire life.

D.W.: Don't worry, Bud. I may not be able to get you that cupcake back, but I'll at least get you an apology. Come with me.

D.W. and Bud walk to the Tibbles' house.

D.W.: You owe Bud one cupcake!

Bud: With red icing!

Tommy: No way. I didn't take his cupcake. He probably fed to his silly dinosaur. Anyway, what do you care?

Timmy walks next to Tommy.

Bud: She cares 'cause she's my lawyer.

D.W.: I am? I mean, I am. And I demand justice!

Timmy: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm Tommy's lawyer and I say, "Prove it."

D.W.: I will.

Timmy: I can't wait.


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