Uncle Richard
Uncle Richard
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Complexion Brown
Family Jessica (wife)
Cora (daughter)
Dave (father or father-in-law)
Jane Read (sister or sister-in-law)
David Read (brother-in-law)
Arthur Read (nephew)
D.W. Read (niece)
Kate Read (niece)
Fred (brother-in-law)
Lucy (sister or sister-in-law)
Lucy's husband (brother-in-law)
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Voiced by Arthur Holden
Richard (Shelly in the book) is the husband of Aunt Jessica, and is Arthur, D.W., and Kate's uncle. He is also the father of Cora.

Jessica, Richard, and Cora stayed the night at Arthur's House to attend Aunt Lucy's wedding the next day. D.W. tries to help Richard by giving him some more shaving cream but she accidentally squirts it on his pants, making Richard mad and he shoos D.W. out the door. He later takes a picture of Cora wearing her flower girl dress and crown. "D.W. Thinks Big"

Physical appearance

He looks like a taller version of his nephew Arthur and wears glasses kinda similar to his. He is similar to Technician.


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