Uncle Bob
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Family *Bitzi (sister)

(see Baxter family)

Voiced by R.L. Stine (adult)
Cameron Ansell (child)

Robert Baxter (aka Uncle Bob) is Bitzi's brother and Buster's maternal uncle. He first appears in "Fright Night".

He’s Buster's babysitter for a few days while Bitzi is away.

Fright Night - young Bob Baxter

When he was a little older than Buster.

Fright Night - Bitzi and Bob front

With his sister Bitzi

He tells a story about the lycanbunny, based on a summer from his childhood he spent by a lake with his sister and father. He says this happened when "Your mom and I were just a little older than you are now" after Buster had said he was nearly nine.

Bob works for an engineering company but is also an author, having written The Encyclopedia of Creatures of the Dark under the pen name Beatrex Trobb.

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