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"Room to Ride"
Season/Series: 12
Number in season: 2a
Original Airdate: United States October 13, 2008[1]
Canada January 19, 2009[3]
United Kingdom April 6, 2009[2]
Germany November 14, 2012[4]
Written by: Martha Atwater
Ken Olshanksky
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Ivan Tankushev
"Never, Never, Never"
"The Frensky Family Fiasco"
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"Room to Ride" is the first half of the second episode in the twelfth season of Arthur.


Binky starts a campaign to put in more bike lanes for the city, but can not seem to get people to see it as a worthy cause.


The episode begins with Arthur in a room with a booth. He asks "What if, right behind that curtain, there's a button you could press that could change the world?" Buster enters the booth and comes out with a space suit and a jet pack. D.W. makes it so they all live in Cowtopia, and their queen is Mary Moo Cow. Muffy finds the cow-themed design unappealing, and changes the colors of the room multiple times before settling on a pattern with lots of dollar signs. Arthur asks the viewers what they would change.

Room to Ride

Binky is watching Lance Armstrong's bike race on Muffy's TV. Muffy gets irritated at Binky when his food falls on the floor. Binky cheers when Lance wins, and goes outside to ride his bike. Binky runs over a pothole and wipes out.

At Binky's house, his mom puts a bandage over his scrape. She tells him that, for his safety, he cannot go biking on the street anymore and he can only bike in the park after school. Binky feels uncomfortable about this, because it interferes with his plan to train for the Elwood City Bikeathon.

Binky goes outside to put trash on the curb, and he runs into Oliver Frensky. Binky tells Oliver about how he can only bike in the park now, and Oliver says that there will be an election for bike lanes in the city next Tuesday. However, most people do not care about bike lanes and will not vote. Binky chooses to spread the word.

At the Sugar Bowl, Binky reminds Arthur, Buster, and Brain to vote for bike lanes. Brain points out that, while they themselves are unable to vote, they can convince adults to vote. They form the "Bike Lane Brigade."

Brain gives bike lane posters to customers at his Ice Cream Shop. Buster wants submarine lanes, because they could be useful if there is a flood. Binky gives a poster to Mrs. MacGrady, but she does not seem to feel very strongly about the need for bike lanes. Back at The Sugar Bowl, Brain counts up the total: seven people said they will vote, five people said they will not vote, and eight are undecided. Arthur says that the election is in five days. Binky imagines the park being closed, and bikes being banned, because no one voted to keep them.

Muffy passes by and thinks that Binky is selling magazine subscriptions. Binky corrects her and says that she will help him advertise bike lanes. She makes a video of herself in an overly-fancy voting booth, and promises to give people free objects. She comments that she tried to get celebrities to be in the video, but they were unavailable. Buster points out that Lance Armstrong is outside.

Binky gets on his bike and races after Lance, eventually catching up to him. He hits a pothole again, and Lance applies antiseptic to the wound. Binky asks Lance if he wants to be in an ad for bike lanes, and he says that Binky's ad campaign seems to be going fine and that Binky should not need any help. Binky and Lance ride their bikes while talking about why bike lanes are important.

Binky, Arthur, Muffy, and Buster have started the election of whether or not the city should have more bike lanes. Brain comments that 42 voted yes, 37 voted no, and 22 are unsure for now, although the citizens will vote. Some time later, Binky, Oliver, and Mrs. MacGrady are biking up a hill and it is revealed that the election was a success, and more bike lanes will be built.






  • This episode (including its sister episode "The Frensky Family Fiasco") was pulled from the rerun rotation in the United States following the Lance Armstrong doping case. The last national airing of this episode was on March 15, 2012.[5] It is believed that the episode continued to air on PBS stations that opted to air Arthur reruns on an independent rotation as opposed to the national one.
  • This is the only episode written by Martha Atwater.

Episode connections[]

  • Muffy has apparently upgraded her television to a 70-inch plasma TV with 629 channels. According to "Castles in the Sky," it was previously a 60-inch flat-screen TV with 300 channels.
  • The Bikeathon was first shown in "D.W. Rides Again."

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