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Russell Prunella Packs It In

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Gender Male
Animal Dog
Job Newspaper editor
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Pet Business"

Russell[1] is an editor for the Elwood City Times. However, he is almost always seen walking his dog around Elwood City.

In "Arthur's Pet Business", he takes his dog to Arthur's house for him to take care of it.

In "Buster Makes the Grade", Buster startles him so much by saying "nine times nine is eighty-one!" that he runs away and yanks his dog off the ground by its leash.

In "That's a Baby Show!", he was looking at CDs of country western music.

In "Bitzi's Break-up", he buys a newspaper from a newspaper box and walks away. He is later seen in the Elwood City Times building, receiving instructions from Bitzi to do the front page.





  1. "Bitzi's Break-up" - When Bitzi talks to Russell, she indicates by gesturing with her hand that he is the worker she was addressing.

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