Sale in "Mei Lin Takes a Stand"
Gender Male
Animal Flea
Residence Dottore Pulce's Amazing Flea Circus, Italy
Family Pepe (brother)
Cartoon debut "Flea to Be You and Me"

Sale (pronounced sal-AY) is the brother of Pepe, another performing circus flea. He wears a yellow beret, while Pepe wears a green one. He is seen with Pepe in "Flea to Be You and Me" before a gust of wind blows Pepe away. After a journey around the world, Pepe returns and their owner/ringmaster holds a special celebration performance.

In "Mei Lin Takes a Stand," he assists Pepe in telling a story to Mei-Lin, although his only lines were whispering to Pepe and honking a horn.

Pepe mentioned him in "Around the World in 11 Minutes," saying he was hitchhiking in Australia.



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