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Sally MacGill
Sally MacGill.png
Age 16[1]
Gender Female
Animal Bear
Hair color Brown-orange
Complexion Cream
Job Babysitter and High School Student
Cartoon debut "Crushed"

Sally MacGill is a 16 year old babysitter who looked after Arthur, D.W. and Kate while their mother and father went out for the evening. She was also known to look after other kids, such as Buster. Her main appearance is in "Crushed", but she was also in other episodes in the background, with her boyfriend as a couple; like in Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. Arthur developed a crush on Sally as a result of her personality, and was upset when he discovered that she had a boyfriend.


Unlike other babysitters that oversaw Arthur and D.W., Sally was light-hearted and fun, as evidenced by her like of video games - particularly Dark Bunny VI- and ice cream."



  1. "Sally's 16, D.W., that's 12 years older than you." - Jane Read to D.W. Read, "Crushed"

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