Arthur Wiki
Unknown Male Adult Rabbit 1
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Orange
Job Worker at Disc City (formerly)
Owner of Sam's Instruments
Cartoon debut "Don't Ask Muffy"

Sam[1] is the owner of the musical instrument store Sam's Instruments. Before that, he was an employee at the music store Disc City.


In the episode "Don't Ask Muffy", he is working at Disc City and helps Muffy find music that "a grimy, skateboarding fourth-grader would listen to."

In the episode "The Butler Did... What?", he is working at Sam's Instruments and tried to help Muffy find out where Bailey was, but was unable to due to the lack of info; however, he did tell Muffy about a possible location where Bailey might be found.

Physical appearance[]

He is a rabbit with a light gray complexion. He has long orange hair—most likely a mullet—wears sunglasses, a blue vest, a white shirt underneath his vest, and long blue jeans. He also is seen wearing a black armband similar to the one 4th Grade Male Dog wears.




  1. In the closed captions of "The Butler Did... What?", he is named Sam.