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Grade 3rd
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Dark Brown
Complexion Brown
Cartoon debut "Home Sweet Home"

Sanjeev is a third student who first appeared in the episode "Home Sweet Home". Just like his best friend, Irwin, he is assigned to the same cabin as Buster at Camp Meadowcroak.

After Buster created a sandwich that he himself called the "tomatowich". Sanjeev then told Buster that he will officially be known as Chef at Camp Meadowcroak.

Sanjeev and Irwin were kind to Buster when they first met him. They became friends with him afterward. Sanjeev and Irwin have not reappeared.

Sanjeev might be of Indian descent since Sanjeev/Sanjiv is an Indian name derived from Sanskrit which means reviving.

Physical appearance[]

Sanjeev is a dog with a brown complexion. He wears a tan colored shirt, blue khakis with a white stripe running down the left and right side of his pants, and green and white colored sneakers. Sanjeev has dark brown hair in a mullet.

Episode appearances[]


Home Sweet Home 72
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