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Santa Claus
Santa claus.jpg
Gender Male
Hair color White
Residence North Pole
Book debut Arthur's Christmas
Cartoon debut "The Blizzard"

Santa Claus, in Christmas tradition, is a somewhat overweight man wearing a hat with a white beard and red suit who delivers presents on Christmas Eve. He is often depicted as riding a sleigh driven by reindeer and manages a workshop staffed by elves at the North Pole.


In Arthur's Perfect Christmas, D.W. Read wrote a letter to Santa Claus with the help of her brother, Arthur. When the Tibble Twins spotted her mailing the letter, she claimed that she was actually mailing it to the President, leading them to wonder if he was actually the one who delivered the presents. Later, D.W. saw her Uncle Fred in the bathroom wearing a red suit and with shaving cream on his face, leading her to believe that she had seen Santa Claus. When she received Quackers for Christmas, she was at first upset because she wanted Tina the Talking Tabby, but after coming to like Quackers she decided that Santa knew that she would like him better. Santa Claus is also mentioned in the song "Boogie Woogie Christmas" from the special, with the line "Have you heard the news? Santa Claus is coming to town!"

In "I'm Not Scared of Santa," a song from the Arthur's Perfect Christmas album, Binky Barnes claims not to be scared of Santa Claus, though most of the other lyrics that aren't simply him stating "I'm not scared of Santa" seem to indicate otherwise.

In "The Big Blow-Up," D.W. is writing her letter to Santa, despite it only being May.

In "D.W. Goes to Washington," Arthur remembers when D.W. got to pick a past vacation to Santa's Igloo. However it turned out to be a scam. Santa's Igloo's pitch was "Share a sundae with Santa!", but "Santa" turned out to be a middle aged, stubby man with a bad fake beard who conned visitors by asking them "How can you share a sundae with Santa when you didn't bring a sundae to Santa?"

In "The Blizzard," Baby Kate imagines Pal pulling her on a sled to the North Pole, where she gets to play with all the toys in Santa's workshop. Pal then imagines Kate pulling his own sled to the North Pole, where Santa presents him with a barbecue dinner.

In the opening of "The Shore Thing," Arthur tells about a time when Buster's Dad dressed up as Santa on Christmas for a special surprise.

In "The Boy Who Cried Comet," Buster imagined that Santa was captured by aliens so they could put him in the Earth exhibit of their alien zoo.

In "Opposites Distract," D.W. thought the repairmen on the roof were Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Physical appearance

Santa Claus is a bear in the cartoon, but human in the books.


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