This article is about the preschooler. You may be looking for Sara MacGrady or Sarah Soda.
Grade Preschool
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Dark brown
Family Unknown Female Adult Rabbit (Number 2) (mother?)[1][2]
Mrs. Terrasini (grandmother)[2]
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"

Sarah[3] (possibly Sarah Terrasini[4]) is a preschooler at the Elwood City Preschool where other preschoolers like D.W. attend school.

She spoke twice throughout the series, in "D.W. All Wet" and "D.W. All Fired Up". Sarah is seen in the background of the episodes that feature the preschool and at times Lakewood Elementary School. She is nice to all the other kids in her class.

Physical appearance

Sarah is an aardvark with a brown complexion. She wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt, lavender shorts, long white socks, and pink-and-tanned colored sneakers. She has long dark brown hair and has a lavender bow and headband on her hair.


  • She was named Dolly during early production of the TV show.[5]
  • Her name might be alternatively spelled Sara,[6] or there is simply another preschooler named Sara who spells it without an H.
  • During Career Day in "D.W. Aims High", she can be seen wearing a nurse's hat, which suggests that she may want to become a nurse when she grows up.




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