Game Information
Game type
Release Date May 1999 or before[1]
(older than D.W.'s Art Studio[2])
Platform Online

Scoop! was a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.

It was removed from the website in 2018.[3]


A customer will enter the Ice Cream Shop giving their order in the form of a pun. Buster has to select the ice cream on the menu that the person is describing. He has to read a recipe of 3 flavors and 1 topping, then he can begin to build the ice cream. When he gets the correct combination, the person thanks him and gives a tip, the amount depending on whether he correctly guessed the order and how many tries it took to make it.


Arctic Atom: Nucleus Nougat, Proton Praline, Electron Smoothie, Very Small Things

Black Widow: Squashed Flies, Web Whip, Bug Bramble, Eight-Leg Eggplant

Camel Caramel: Camel Fur, Sand Chip, Palm Leaf Ice, Sand Sauce

Cheese Freeze: Mozzarella Swirl, Cheddar Chocolate Chip, Simply Swiss, Parmesan

Crumblitious: Flaky Flakes, Cookie Crumbs, Pasta Crusties, Chocky Shrapnel

Edible Engine: Piston Whips, Gaz Guzzle, Cream of Crankshaft, Oil

Electric Sundae: Volt Violets, Ample Amps, Lightning Ice, Current Currants

Frozen Owl: Eagle Swirl, Hootie Fruity, Nice Mice Ice, Cooool Tops

Goat Toast: Sheep Twist, Goat Beard Frosty, Billy Goat Puff, Chocolate Droppings

Hair Gel Jello: Butter Bangs,, Curly Twirl, Blue Rinse Frosting, Dandruff Doodles

Halibut Haven: Iced Halibut Tail, Iced Halibut Fin, Iced Halibut Scales, Halibut Sprinkles

Leaping Lizards: Gecko Greens, Komodo Kidney Sorbet, Newt Surprise, Dino Slaw

Mango Mambo: Tangerine Tango, Salsa Salsa, Swing Sweet, Jive Jelly

Radish Ripple: Mashed Radish, Cream of Carrot, Runny Rutabaga, Grass Shavings

Rhyme Time: Peas Louise, Odd Cod, Bean Supreme, Tickle Pickle

Sky High Pie: Mighty Mocha Whip, Leggy Egg Bits, Sticky Stilt Ice, Tip Top Shreds

Soccer Sorbet: Referee Pancake, Ricochet Rice, Goalie Jello, Sliced Orange

Spicy Ice: Taco Sorbet, Chilly Chili, Cool Curry Ice, Pepperoni

Velvet Violin: Chilly Cello, Chocolate Bow, Vanilla Viola, Maracas

Zucchini Bikini: Swimming Sorbet, Marrow Meringue, Vegetable Wonder Ice, Polka Dot Topping


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  2. [1] - "You need a special free plug-in called Shockwave to play. You already have it if you've played Buster's SCOOP."
  3. compare Aug. 30, 2018 to Oct. 1, 2018

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