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Season 10 of Arthur premiered in the United States on May 15, 2006, on PBS with the episode "Happy Anniversary," and ended on May 26, 2006, with the episode "Buster's Special Delivery."


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Happy Anniversary.JPG "Happy Anniversary" 126 1 May 15, 2006
It is Arthur's parents' 10th anniversary and for their special dinner, they're going to a special restaurant but Arthur needs to go to Buster's house for a sleepover, write a report about perspective, and watch the Bionic Bunny 10th Anniversary Special while D.W. needs to look for tin. All gets worse when Grandpa Dave needs to go to the Fireman's Ball and the car is stuck in the middle of the road. The entire Read family comes to understand that spending time together is indeed the most valuable celebration of all.
The Squirrels.jpg "The Squirrels" 127 2a May 16, 2006
Tonight on TV is a special film that freaks Arthur and Buster out was called The Squirrels. Everyone except Binky sees it and they (except him) start becoming afraid of squirrels, but they find that knowledge is the key to overcoming their fear.
Fern & Persimmony Glitchet 42.jpg "Fern and Persimmony Glitchet" 127 2b May 16, 2006
Fern's favorite author is Persimmony Glitchet. One day, she wants to write her own story and gets advice from him. When her story under the name "Agatha Shelley" gets published and it is a disaster, she realizes that her old writing style suites her better, so she writes as she normally would and it is a hit.
Desert Island Dish.JPG "Desert Island Dish" 128 3a May 17, 2006
As a year-end assignment, Mr. Ratburn's class is to find the "ideal food," that is, if they were stranded on a desert island, they'd have to decide on a food to bring an unlimited supply of and why. Brain researches many food items, but comes to the conclusion that a variety of foods is the best way to survive.
The Secret About Secrets.jpg "The Secret About Secrets" 128 3b May 17, 2006
D.W. is jealous because everyone seems to have been told a secret except her. When she learns one which could cause her friend, James, real embarrassment if she ever told it, she discovers that having one isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Feeling Flush.png "Feeling Flush" 129 4a May 18, 2006
With Catherine complaining that Francine is using excessive water during a drought, she and Arthur compete to see who can conserve the most water in a bet.
Family Fortune.png "Family Fortune" 129 4b May 18, 2006
Arthur, D.W, and Grandma Thora search for something to bring to a TV auction show.
D.W. Aims High.JPG "D.W. Aims High" 130 5a May 19, 2006
D.W. dreams of becoming an astronaut and being the first person to set foot on Mars. The only problem is the Tibble Twins keep talking about it being the home of martians and purple blood-thirsty aliens, she decides it is scary, until her dad shows her "The War of the Worlds" and Mars in the planetarium. She learns that it is anything but the Tibbles' descriptions, and decides that she wishes to do her career project about being the first to set foot on there.
Perske's Kitchen Shop in Flaw and Order (Buster and Arthur).png "Flaw and Order" 130 5b May 19, 2006
Buster and Arthur are falsely accused of breaking a cake plate that Mr. Read ordered. He now needs proof that they didn't do it: Arthur and Buster must go around and collect clues to determine that they aren't at fault.
The Curse of the Gerbes.JPG "The Curse of the Grebes" 131 6a May 22, 2006
After the Elwood City Grebes lose their lead in the World Championships, Buster believes that he is "The Curse of the Kid," a curse that was put on them 86 years ago, but later believes otherwise after meeting three famous players at the market. Édgar Rentería, Mike Timlin, and Johnny Damon guest star.
Arthur Changes Gears.JPG "Arthur Changes Gears" 131 6b May 22, 2006
After saving up the funds to buy the GX Trailblazer 10,000 bike and having purchased one, Arthur is hesitant in riding it for fear that it will become damaged. However, after a dream, he decides that the best way is to enjoy riding it, hence the purpose of having purchased it.
Unfinished.JPG "Unfinished" 132 7a May 23, 2006
After finding an old novel titled "93 Million Miles in a Balloon," Arthur discovers that the end is missing and embarks on a hunt to find out what it is.
D.W. Bossy Boots 48.JPG "D.W., Bossy Boots" 132 7b May 23, 2006
D.W. acts very bossy at Emily's birthday party and at home, until she has a dream that makes her realize her bossiness.
Binky vs. Binky.JPG "Binky vs. Binky" 133 8a May 24, 2006
Binky overcomes his fear of competition within athletics when he takes up biking, and finds out that winning isn't everything, but rather, the courage to continue in the light of failure.
Operation D.W. 2.jpg "Operation: D.W.!" 133 8b May 24, 2006
D.W. needs ear tubes, and is initially fearful. Her family supports her and convinces her to go through with the operation.
Do You Speak George.png "Do You Speak George?" 134 9a May 25, 2006
The kids have split into groups who all have their own special, made-up language. Muffy and Francine refuse to let Arthur and Buster learn theirs, so they decide to make up their own. George wants to learn it, but struggles, and therefore tries to invent his own sign language. The ensuing confusion convinces everyone that their original one is the most practical.
World Girl.png "World Girls" 134 9b May 25, 2006
Muffy has become obsessed with World Girls. Each is dressed in the national costume of a particular country, and comes with accessories related to that country - there is also a book accompanying each one. Sue Ellen is interested in purchasing an accessory for hers, but when it goes out of production, she decides on another solution.
What's Cooking.JPG "What's Cooking?" 135 10a May 26, 2006
The big cooking competition is coming up and everyone is making a dish of their choice. Arthur decides to make a chocolate cake. Everything goes wrong when he accidentally uses baking soda instead of baking powder, but he learns making mistakes in cooking may lead to the creation of a new recipe. Ming Tsai guest stars as himself.
4th Graders 2.jpg "Buster's Special Delivery" 135 10b May 26, 2006
Mr. Haney has decided to choose the very first student mail carrier. Buster accepts the job with great enthusiasm. He starts not liking it, but eventually, some assistance teaches him to perform it better.


  • This is the second season for a couple of things:
    • The second season to release all of its episodes in one month in the U.S. The first season was Season 4.
      • This is also the last season to release all of its episodes in one month in the U.S. until Season 22 in 2019, 13 years after this season was released.
    • The second season to have been fully released on DVD in Region 1 via a DVD box set. The first season was Season 7, via the DVD box set Sleepovers, Sports and More.
  • As an Easter egg, each episode in this season has the number 10 hidden somewhere.[1]
  • This is the last season in which D.W. is voiced by Jason Szwimmer. Robert Naylor takes over the voice role starting with the next season.
  • Starting with this season, the subtitles are now 100% accurate, with no lines of dialogue shortened for easier readability.
  • This season is available to stream for free with an Amazon Prime membership, including Binky vs. Binky/Operation: D.W.!, which was pulled from the rerun rotation in 2013 due to the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. All other seasons and episodes must be purchased separately, or they can be streamed with a separate PBS Kids streaming subscription. It is also the only season on Amazon to have an audio description track, though it was changed from the one used on TV airings.