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Season 14 of Arthur premiered in the United States on October 11, 2010, on PBS with "The Wheel Deal," and ended on April 28, 2011, with "The Long Road Home."


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Wheel-Deal4 "The Wheel Deal" 166 1a October 11, 2010
Brain is put in a wheelchair after accidentally slipping on Buster's banana peel, and copes with the encouragement of Lydia, a disabled girl who uses a wheelchair. She helps Lakewood Elementary beat Mighty Mountain School in a basketball hoops contest.
The Buster Report "The Buster Report" 166 1b October 11, 2010
George plans on doing a report on Buster. While waiting for Buster to get back to his house, his mother gives George a DVD with pictures of him on it. Buster thinks that George will write an embarrassing report on him, but it is the contrary.
The Agent of Change "The Agent of Change" 167 2a October 12, 2010
While at the movie theater, Francine and Muffy notice the lack of female roles in movies. With the help of Molly, they make their own movie starring a female character.
D.W. Unties the Knot "D.W. Unties the Knot" 167 2b October 12, 2010
After watching a reality show about crazy weddings, D.W. wants to have her own dream wedding with unicorns. She gets help from Emily, who helps her plan the wedding at the Crosswire Estate. She is confused when she finds out that she needs somebody to marry.
NBAN81 "Nicked by a Name" 168 3a October 13, 2010
Brain starts to give people nicknames, but becomes frustrated when he is always being asked to give one to someone. When Binky starts making fun of Arthur, Brain gives him the nickname "Stinky Binky," which causes a chain reaction of other mean names. He resolves this by giving everyone soccer nicknames.
The Play's the Thing "The Play's the Thing" 168 3b October 13, 2010
The kids abandon the playground to look at Muffy's mySmartPhoney. The Tough Customers get angry because there's nobody to pick on. Binky persuades Muffy to get everybody to use the playground again by turning it into a theme park.
Falafelosophy 1 "Falafelosophy" 169 4a October 25, 2010
Sue Ellen goes to Neil Gaiman's book signing, and he encourages her to write her own graphic novel. She decides to write about a war between circles and triangles.
The Great Lint Rush "The Great Lint Rush" 169 4b October 25, 2010
Pal and Amigo try to get Mr. Toad to like lint after Pal accidentally bets a lot of socks for his house.
Grim bunny "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny" 170 5a October 29, 2010
Freddie K. gives ownership of Meteor Comix to his cousin, Gerald. He makes it horror-themed, so Fern, Arthur, and Buster combine their money so they can get "Grotesquely Grim Bunny." It scares Arthur and Buster, but Fern likes it.
Pet Projects "Pet Projects" 170 5b October 29, 2010
Arthur, Francine, Buster, and Muffy are making videos about Pal and Nemo, but to the pets' dismay, they aren't liking the results.
Muffy "Follow the Bouncing Ball" 171 6a April 22, 2011
After Francine and Alberto get their soccer balls mixed up at the park, his "El Boomerang" ball travels around Elwood City, and eventually the world. Meanwhile, George is setting up a domino line, and is frustrated when Francine accidentally sets it off...twice.
Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea "Buster Baxter & the Letter from the Sea" 171 6b April 22, 2011
Buster finds a letter in a bottle from a stranded 1960s explorer and believes it is from sea people in the lost city of Atlantis.
Around the World in 11 minutes "Around the World in 11 Minutes" 172 7a April 25, 2011
Wondering how big the world really is, Pal, Amigo, Kate, and Mei Lin take an imagined trip around the world, and they make a bet with Nemo that they can do it all in eleven minutes.
Muffy and the Big Bad Blog "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog" 172 7b April 25, 2011
Muffy becomes addicted to blogging after chronicling her holiday to Costa Rica on her blog. However, after Francine suggests she should spend less time gossiping about everybody, they begin feuding online.
Arthur Unravels "Arthur Unravels" 173 8a April 26, 2011
Grandma Thora teaches Arthur how to knit, but he's embarrassed about anyone knowing about it and attempts to hide it from his friends.
All The Rage "All the Rage" 173 8b April 26, 2011
Muffy tries to come up with fashion trends after watching fashion icon Capri di Vapida on TV, but her ankle purses, edible scarves, and fluffy armings don't catch on. Instead, Sue Ellen's old hat grabs the attention of everybody.
D.W., Queen of Comeback "D.W., Queen of the Comeback" 174 9a April 27, 2011
While at a barber shop, D.W. gets her hair cut too short and the Tibble Twins begin teasing her about it, calling her "Dennis," so she asks for advice on comebacks from Grandma Thora and Mrs. MacGrady.
In My Africa "In My Africa" 174 9b April 27, 2011
Chiekh, Brain's cousin from Senegal, moves to Elwood City. After being embarrassed that she doesn't know anything about Africa, D.W. is helped by Brain to remember all the countries in there and something about them by making them into a song.
Buster Spaces Out 19 "Buster Spaces Out" 175 10a April 28, 2011
After seeing footage of the Moon Landing, Buster decides to build a model rocket ship, and recruits Arthur, George, Carl, Francine, and Muffy to help him. However, chaos ensues until he receives advice from guest star Mike Fincke.
The Long Road Home 105 "The Long Road Home" 175 10b April 28, 2011
Deciding he performed disappointingly in a running race, George decides to walk from Crown City to Elwood City to raise money for autism research. Meanwhile, Arthur's pen pal, Adil, finds Alberto's "El Boomerang" soccer ball, which, after traveling around the world and into space, is returned to him on his birthday.


  • Arthur's voice got noticeably deeper again with this season (though not quite to the same extent as Season 5, when Michael Yarmush hit puberty), as Dallas Jokic was getting older. However, despite this, Dallas continued to voice Arthur into Season 15, as that season along with this one were recorded altogether.
  • This marks the first season for a few things:
    • In most non-U.S. markets, the first season to use title cards which feature a scene from the episode, rather than the traditional template-style title cards (This would not begin in the U.S. until Season 16).
    • The first season in which Dakota Goyo and Jake Sim voice Timmy and Tommy Tibble, respectively, taking over from Chris Lortie and Jake Roseman.
    • The first season where the end credits for each episode only list the cast members who provide voices for characters that speak in the particular episodes.