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Season 15 of Arthur premiered in the United States on October 10, 2011, on PBS with "Fifteen" and ended on June 15, 2012, with "Buster's Carpool Catastrophe." It first aired as part of Season 14 in Australia.


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Fifteen.png "Fifteen" 176 1a October 10, 2011
George is appearing on a game show. Arthur forgets his class report on Michelangelo to help his class get the 15 merit points to get them a No Homework Day. Kate and Pal try to get it to the school.
I Wanna Hold Your Hand.png "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" 177 2a October 11, 2011
When picking out a tie for a clarinet recital, Binky holds his mom's hand. George sees it, and Binky tells him not to tell anybody. Meanwhile, the Tough Customers are trying to find out what Binky's secret is.
Whistling in the Wind.png "Whistling in the Wind" 177 2b October 11, 2011
Timmy Tibble becomes disappointed and frustrated when he discovers that Tommy can really whistle real loud, but he can't.
Buster's Secret Admirer.jpg "Buster's Secret Admirer" 178 3a October 12, 2011
Buster receives chocolates in the mail from a "secret admirer" and tries to uncover who it was sent by, asking everyone from Arthur to Molly.
The Last King of Lambland.png "The Last King of Lambland" 178 3b October 12, 2011
James is sent a stuffed toy lamb based on a legend by relatives in Scotland, but his classmates don't like it when the Tibble Twins treat him like a king because of it.
Cents-Less.png "Cents-less" 179 4a October 13, 2011
Mr. Ratburn assigns his class to not spend any money for one week. Instead, they have to barter.
Buster the Lounge Lizard.png "Buster the Lounge Lizard" 179 4b October 13, 2011
After seeing an advertisement for a "Dark Buggy" on TV and bringing it to school, Buster accidentally loses it in the teacher's lounge, so he tries to find a way to get it back with help from Binky.
To Eat or Not to Eat.png "To Eat or Not to Eat" 180 5a October 14, 2011
There is a new candy bar out and Buster wants to eat it. But it is causing all his friends to go crazy. He investigates it and discovers an ingredient that is addictive.
S.W.E.A.T.jpg "S.W.E.A.T." 180 5b October 14, 2011
The third graders at Lakewood Elementary are stressing about their upcoming S.W.E.A.T. aptitude tests, including Sue Ellen, who panics that she doesn't have any #2 HB pencils, and the Brain who worries that he will do bad when he accidentally skips a question on the practice test.
Grandpa Dave's Memory Album.jpg "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album" 181 6a June 15, 2012
Grandpa Dave is moving closer to the family and the kids are thrilled. But something isn't quite right; he's forgetting all sorts of things. Joan Rivers, reprising her role as Francine's grandmother, Bubby, is on hand to help the kids understand that he loves them just as much as he always has, even if he has trouble with his memory.
Buster's Carpool Catastrophe.jpg "Buster's Carpool Catastrophe" 181 6b June 15, 2012
Muffy, Arthur, and Buster are carpooling to their cooking class. Buster wants this to be the best carpool ever, but his rolling party on wheels turns into a disaster. Can the kids stop fighting long enough to see the sights right in front of them?
Prunella the Pack Rat.png "Prunella the Packrat" 182 7a April 16, 2012
Arthur and Prunella are assigned to work together for the upcoming Earth Day fair at school, but he learns that she has kept several beloved items (including an old sock and birthday cards) over the years and they have been piling up in her closet. While he and Rubella try to help her learn to let go, she resists and still tries to save what she can.
What's in a Name?.png "What's in a Name?" 182 7b April 16, 2012
After Binky gets Muffy in trouble for using her cell phone in class, she learns that his real name is Shelly, and threatens to use this information as revenge against him. He is upset at first (because his parents never told him that was his real name), until his mother tells him about how his great grandfather and namesake, Shelly Barnes, saved the circus.
MCCC39.png "Muffy's Classy Classics Club" 183 8a May 23, 2012
Muffy starts a book club with Arthur, Francine, and Brain, but she refuses to read any other books they suggest after her own suggestions prove unpopular.
Best Enemies.JPG "Best Enemies" 183 8b May 23, 2012
Mrs. Read's new client has a daughter D.W.'s age named W.D.. However, they are complete opposites and don't get along. After learning that the Reads have been invited to spend the week at W.D.'s house, they come up with a plan to cut the visit short.
BGOG99.png "Buster's Garden of Grief" 184 9a May 24, 2012
Fritz injures his ankle while staying at the Shady Pines Retirement Home and asks Buster to takes over. He finds out that it is a big responsibility, but he can handle it. All is going well until he finds out that he and his mother are going camping.
Through the looking glasses 58.jpg "Through the Looking Glasses" 184 9b May 24, 2012
Arthur can't find his glasses, so he gets a new pair. After thinking his classmates will laugh at him, he actually receives praise about them, but becomes overconfident with his new look.
The Butler Did... What?.png "The Butler Did... What?" 185 10a May 25, 2012
After Bailey goes missing, Muffy realizes that she doesn't know anything about him when she searches for him.
Trouble with Trophies.jpg "The Trouble with Trophies" 185 10b May 25, 2012
After Fern tells Muffy and George she has no trophies, they come up with a plan to try to get her to win one.