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Season 1 of Postcards from Buster debuted October 11, 2004 and ended April 1, 2005 in the United States on PBS. It consists of 40 episodes.


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Meet Me at the Fair "Meet Me at the Fair" 1 1a October 11, 2004
Buster goes to a farm in Indiana and learns the major chores Lauren and Nathan have to do every day which include, feeding the cows, taking out the garbage and cleaning the house. He also learns that some of the chores include riding horses, driving forklift tractors and showing their pigs off when the County Fair is in town.
A Sense of Direction "A Sense of Direction" 2 2a October 12, 2004
Buster goes to the top of Chicago's Sears Tower, for which he meets Farah who tells him about her Muslim life, which intrigues him into comparing her parochial school with his own school.
Buster and Beatrice "Buster and Beatrice" 3 3a October 13, 2004
Buster goes to San Antonio and meets Robert who has been playing Conjunto music ever since he was five. Buster also learns how to make tacos the proper way.
The Giant Pumpkins "The Giant Pumpkins" 4 4a October 14, 2004
Buster learns from Scotty how he grows humongous pumpkins for competitions. He also gets to do some Oregon mountain biking.
Among the Hmong "Among the Hmong" 5 5a October 15, 2004
Buster goes to a Southeast Asian festival in Wisconsin and meets Diana, Caitlin and Rosie who come from the same Hmong heritage and he gets to join a barbecue of many Hmong foods, which also includes hot dogs, one of his favorites.
ImagePending "Sleepy in Seattle" 6 6a October 18, 2004
Buster develops insomnia when he reaches Seattle because of all his travelling. He soon meets Russ and Rebecca and learns that Tai Chai soothes it. He also participates in the fish throwing at Pike Place Market.
ImagePending "Up the River" 7 7a October 19, 2004
Buster travels through North Dakota in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, with the Stenslie family and learns of their Norwegian culture.
ImagePending "Rodeo Cowgirl" 8 8a October 20, 2004
Buster travels to Houston, believing that Texas is only consisting of cowboys and open country. He soon meets Tayler, a grand daughter of a former African American rodeo star, Cornelius Cleveland, and she takes him out into real cowboy country.
ImagePending "Buster's Buffalo Round-Up" 9 9a October 21, 2004
Buster travels to South Dakota and learns of its traditions. He soon meets Chris, who is a direct descendent of a Lakota soldier, who takes him behind the scenes of how the Crazy Horse Memorial was made. He also gets to roundup buffalo and learns about the history of nearby Mount Rushmore.
ImagePending "Moose on the Loose" 10 10a October 22, 2004
Buster indends to track down a moose to prove it to his friends back home. However, while he searches for it, he soon learns that Wyoming has a lot more to offer than moose, which includes fly-fishing and bird-watching.
ImagePending "Rock 'n' Roll" 11 11a November 8, 2004
Buster goes to El Dorado Canyon and gets his first challenge of climbing steep rocks.
ImagePending "Hoops and Drums" 12 12a November 9, 2004
Buster travels to the Wind River reservation and learns of its native American traditions. He also learns that basketball is another important tradition and he participates in it with Stevan.
ImagePending "Swimming in the Desert" 13 13a November 10, 2004
Buster travels to the Brophy Sports campus in Phoenix, a training facility for swimmers. He meets Deni, who shows Buster the various ins and outs of training.
ImagePending "Good Ol' Tyme" 14 14a November 11, 2004
Buster and Binky are to complete a history report, but he has gone to the rural areas of Kentucky and can't find any historical places anywhere. It isn't long though when Carlos and Mora introduce him to some others and he learns of fiddling, square-dancing and traditional old time music, which he does on his report and gets an "A".
ImagePending "Buster's Road Rules" 15 15a November 12, 2004
Carlos and Mora takes Buster on a road trip through the Sonoran Desert near Tucson and make many stops at various southern Arizona traditions along the way.
ImagePending "Bayou, By Me" 16 16a November 15, 2004
Buster learns that a "Swamp monster" is living in the bayous of Louisiana and he travels there to search and capture it. Along the way though, he learns various parts of Bayou life, which include crab dinners and catfishing.
ImagePending "Best Friends" 17 17a November 16, 2004
Buster and Arthur have an argument about the latest Bionic Bunny comic being one of theirs. Buster travels to Winchester and meets two girls both named Katie who show him that friendship is not about the things one owns, but how to care for each other and what to do together.
ImagePending "Winter Gold" 18 18a November 17, 2004
Buster travels to the Utah Olympic park, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics and meets Squirt, a talented ski-jumper, who introduces him to Olympic sports such as speed skating, luge racing and ski jumping.
ImagePending "Star Search" 19 19a November 18, 2004
Buster travels to Charleston and meets Justin, who is a talented 10 year old actor, musician and athlete. Buster learns of Gullah ancestry while he travels around Charleston and St. Helena Island.
We Are Family "We Are Family" 20 20a November 19, 2004
Buster spends the day in Salt Lake City with the Hirschis, a Mormon family and he learns of what it takes to run a family in a large place. Also he goes to the Dinosaur National Monument and learned about the dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
Buster's League of Champions "Buster's League of Champions" 21 21a January 3, 2005
Buster doesn't like the newest Bionic Bunny movie, so he decides to make suggestions for the next film and travels to Virginia Beach, where he gets numerous ideas to make a trailer.
A Bridge Back Home "A Bridge Back Home" 22 22a January 4, 2005
Buster travels with Carlos to Brooklyn to search for his great uncle's oud. While there, he takes part in a celebration that involves several traditional dances.
LostandFound 2420 "Lost and Found" 23 23a January 5, 2005
Buster travels to Guanajuato, his first trip outside the U.S. He learns new traditions, but he can't understand Spanish.
The Music Mystery "The Music Mystery" 24 24a January 6, 2005
While Buster is visiting New Orleans, he learns about various traditional African celebrations and rituals, which he uses for a mystery novel that Fern is writing.
ImagePending "The Low Riders" 25 25a January 7, 2005
Buster intends to buy a brand new Schwibbermeier 5000 bike, but the store he will get it at is closed. However, he meets up with the local Boys and Girls club and gets into the hobby of riding low-rider bikes.
ImagePending "Beats by the Bay" 26 26a January 10, 2005
Buster goes to San Francisco and learns about various hip-hop dance and culture.
ImagePending "A City View" 27 27a January 11, 2005
Francine discovers in a magazine that her lifestyle is the right fit for New York. Buster travels there and meets up with a Jewish family and learns about high-rising apartments, taxis, prayer services, and that the school they attend is just like his own.
ImagePending "Homes Sweet Homes" 28 28a January 12, 2005
Buster visits Miami and makes a food column that consists of Greek food and Cuban food. Buster becomes an amateur reporter and interviews Miami artist, Tony Mendoza. Mendoza shows Buster some of his Cuba-themed artwork, including several murals that cover the exterior walls of a store in Little Havana.
ImagePending "Riding the Wave" 29 29a January 13, 2005
Buster does some surfing off the coast of Florida with siblings Forrest and Coral.
ImagePending "Buster's Lucky Year" 30 30a January 14, 2005
Buster travels to San Francisco a second time and visits Chinatown, for which he learns from two Chinese families about Chinese New Year, including the traditional meals and parade that are held for this event.
ImagePending "Spring Break" 31 31a January 31, 2005
Arthur and Buster take part in the "Ultimate Spring Break Video" contest, so they can win the new Ultimate Bionic Bunny video game. While Arthur goes to the beach, Buster goes up to cold and icy Nunavut, his first trip to Canada, but he is unable to figure out how to make a spring break video in snowy conditions
ImagePending "Buster Gets on Board" 32 32a February 1, 2005
Buster travels to Hollywood so he can make a big star and money for a film project. He soon meets some of Sue Ellen's friends who are into skateboarding. Buster decides to make them the stars of his film.
ImagePending "Sugartime!" 33 33a February 2, 2005
Buster heads to Vermont during Sugartime season and samples maple syrup and learns about milking cows. He also shops for a bonfire.
ImagePending "Buster's Sweet Song" 34 34b February 3, 2005
Buster needs a song that will fit with Muffy's dad car commercial. The band, Los Viajeros, can't make car commercials so he tries to find better inspiration. Billy Dean guest stars.
ImagePending "Family Reunion" 35 35a February 4, 2005
While Arthur and Buster are at their family reunion, D.W. takes his camera to film Kurdish Family Reunion, that is to be sent to a family member who is serving at the Iraq War.
Alien Adventure "Alien Adventure" 36 36a February 28, 2005
Buster is searching for a UFO and visits a museum of science fiction. He meets his former school janitor, Mr. Morris.
ImagePending "Coming Together" 37 37a March 29, 2005
Buster makes a third visit to Seattle and learns how to help a friend at church.
ImagePending "Treasure Island" 38 38a March 30, 2005
Buster travels to the Caribbean islands for the first time. Carlos is unable to remember his childhood, but he says that a mystery box, held by his cousin, is the key to his memories.
ImagePending "Step By Step" 39 39a March 31, 2005
Buster meets a Puerto Rican dancer who is hearing impaired. He then shows Francine and Sue Ellen how to do a Puerto Rican dance.
ImagePending "Buster's Big Goal" 40 40a April 1, 2005
Buster goes to the Boston Piers and he soon learns from a Brazilian kid that he will be able to succeed his soccer goal at his Elwood City home game.
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