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Season 22 of Arthur premiered on May 13, 2019 with "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" and "The Feud".[1] Its production was first made known in March 2018.[2] It is the third season animated by Oasis Animation.[3] It was released on DVD on July 9, 2019 on the Arthur Celebrates Community DVD.[4]

Production and announcements

On March 28, 2018, Jessica Kardos (voice of Sue Ellen) stated on Twitter that she and Holly Gauthier Frankel (voice of Fern) were recording new episodes of Arthur.[2] New episodes were still being recorded as late as November.[5][6]

On May 25, 2018, Bruce Dinsmore (voice of Binky, Mr. Read, and Bailey) confirmed that he had also recorded new episodes, saying: "we've got lots more coming"[7] and "there's some good surprises."[8] Dinsmore also revealed that there will be a guest star this season, who is "an actress that everyone would know."[9] (This was later revealed to be Jane Lynch.)[10]

The first official announcement came on June 4, 2018, when Oasis Animation confirmed that it would produce four more seasons, up to Season 25.[3][11]

On November 16, 2018, Dinsmore announced that he had recorded his "very last session" for Arthur.[5] It is unclear whether he was signaling his own departure from the series or the actual end of the show. He later clarified that he "didn’t intend to make an announcement of any kind," and that Arthur had "lots of new episodes coming."[12]

The season has a total of 4 half-hour episodes instead of 7, making it the shortest one of the series.


Picture Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone"[13] 240 1a May 13, 2019[1]
The gang can't believe that Mr. Ratburn is getting married.
The Feud "The Feud"[13] 240 1b May 13, 2019[1]
Just about the entire third grade class chooses sides when Arthur and Buster argue over a video game.
When Rivals Came to Roost "When Rivals Came to Roost"[14] 241 2a May 14, 2019[15]
Lakewood Elementary students must share their school with rival students whose school gets flooded.
The Longest Eleven Minutes "The Longest Eleven Minutes"[14] 241 2b May 14, 2019[15]
The gang doesn't know what to do when the Internet goes out.
Muffy's House Guests "Muffy's House Guests"[16] 242 3a May 15, 2019[17]
Muffy is terrified when peregrine falcons build a nest outside her bedroom window.
Binky Can't Always Get What He Wants "Binky Can't Always Get What He Wants"[16] 242 3b May 15, 2019[17]
Binky must choose between starring in a television commercial or performing in a talent show.
Muffy's Car Campaign "Muffy's Car Campaign"[18] 243 4a May 16, 2019[19]
Muffy worries that a petition to help protect the environment may put Crosswire Motors out of business.
Truth or Poll "Truth or Poll"[18] 243 4b May 16, 2019[19]
Alan suggests that Binky conduct a poll about the latest math test.



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