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Season 3 of Postcards From Buster debuted on November 7, 2008 and after November 21, 2008 only three episodes aired until February 18 and February 25 when two unaired episodes aired on PBS.

Some regions list the episodes "Finding Family in Chennai" and "Vamos, Buster" as part of a "season 4" due to being released much later than the rest of the season.


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
ImagePending.png "Ciao Buster" 51 1a November 7, 2008
Buster and Bo go on a vacation to the ancient city of Venice, Italy. While he is there, Buster learns all about the transport that involves the use of gondoliers instead of autos. He tries to track the Murano Glass Factory. The Baxters get hopelessly lost among the winding byways, palazzos, alleys and canals.
ImagePending.png "Buster in Beijing" 52 2a November 14, 2008
Buster travels to Beijing to come up with party ideas for Muffy's lawn extravaganza. The 2008 Summer Olympics had recently taken place, but Buster has other plans on his mind. He encounters kids who use their talents to help meet needs in their communities, which inspires Buster to start giving back to Elwood City.
ImagePending.png "Buster's Egyptian Adventure" 53 3a November 21, 2008
Buster becomes infatuated with Egypt after playing a video game with Arthur. When he travels there, he discovers that, aside from the Egyptian Pyramids, there are lots of places to explore in the bustling streets of Cairo with its towering mosque minarets, colorful markets, and donkeys and carts and fresh-fruit vendors.
ImagePending.png "Finding Family in Chennai" 54 4a February 18, 2012
Buster is enjoying his vacation to Chennai,India. But Mr.Ratburn is giving him an extended family tree assignment to do before he comes back to Elwood City. Will he complete it or not? Watch to find out!
ImagePending.png "Vamos, Buster" 55 5a February 25, 2012
Buster is excited to visit Chile but is afraid he won't be daring enough to keep up with locals.
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