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Season 5 of Arthur premiered in the United States on September 4, 2000 on PBS starting with Arthur and the Big Riddle and ending on November 6, 2000 with Muffy Gets Mature. The TV special Arthur's Perfect Christmas served as the season finale.


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Arthur and the Big Riddle.JPG "Arthur and the Big Riddle" 76 1a September 4, 2000
Arthur goes on the TV game show, Riddle Quest, against a really smart contestant. In the final round, Arthur must decide between winning and his friends. Alex Trebek guest stars as Riddle Quest host, Alex Lebek.
Double Dare.png "Double Dare" 76 1b September 4, 2000
Arthur, Buster, Francine, and the Brain resent the large amount of homework they are assigned, which culminates in a large number of dares issued to skip school. However, the next morning, everyone agrees to call of the plot due to guilt (personified by a giant clam). Francine fails to receive the message and carries on with the dare.
Kids Are from Earth, Parents Are from Pluto.jpg "Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto" 77 2a September 11, 2000
Lakewood Elementary is having a school open house and Arthur and his friends are embarrassed by how their parents will act judging from the previous year's open house. This prompts Sue Ellen to ask her parents to act more "normal".
Jim's drug store.png "Nerves of Steal" 77 2b September 11, 2000
Buster wants the new cybertoy, but they're too expensive, so while he's at the store he slips one into Arthur's backpack without him noticing. He feels guilty later, so he and Arthur try to return it without getting into trouble.
It's a No-Brainer.JPG "It's a No-Brainer" 78 3a September 18, 2000
Buster beats the Brain at a class Math-a-thon, so the Brain gives up on his studies and Buster must represent the class. Buster realizes that he can't represent the class and comes up with several plans to turn the Brain back to the way he is.
The Shore Thing 8.jpg "The Shore Thing" 66 3b September 18, 2000
Arthur, Buster, Binky, Sue Ellen, and the Brain are excited that Arthur's dad is going to take them some place better than the waterpark Aqualand. Although disappointed that they're brought to the beach, Arthur's dad tells them about Ocean Zone and leaves them to find it. They have fun at the beach and realize that that is Ocean Zone.
The World Record.png "The World Record" 67 4a September 25, 2000
Arthur and his friends attempt to break a world record by making the world's largest pizza.
The Cave.png "The Cave" 68 4b September 25, 2000
Arthur and his classmates take a field trip to some caves in Palisades Park. Arthur is afraid of going into the caves, but inside, he's not the one that's spooked the most. He uses what his dad told him and gets everyone out of the cave calmly.
The Lousy Week.JPG "The Lousy Week" 69 5a October 2, 2000
When Muffy gets hair lice, she is nervous about how her friends will feel. However, it ends up spreading to everyone at school, forcing the students and staff to be checked everyday and instead of doing homework, are forced to stay up late and have their parents take out nits from their hair.
You Are Arthur.png "You Are Arthur" 70 5b October 2, 2000
Arthur is training for and running a 3k race. Everything is seen from Arthur's point-of-view the whole episode.
The Election.JPG "The Election" 71 6a October 9, 2000
Mr. Ratburn's class holds a class election. Muffy takes the candidacy for class president seriously and a competitive campaign against Arthur ensues. However, they both lose to Binky and learn about elections and campaigning in the process.
FGTW.png "Francine Goes to War" 72 6b October 9, 2000
Being annoyed by her new neighbor, Francine tries to get her to move by setting traps to scare her. This doesn't work and Francine makes a new friend as she gets to know her neighbor.
Sleep No More.JPG "Sleep No More" 73 7a October 16, 2000
Buster believes its his destiny to go to Pizza Paula's Pizzaland and win the pizza-eating contest for free pizza for life. While he is there, he goes back to the hotel room to sleep early for the pizza contest, except he can't fall asleep.
Pet Peeved.png "Pet Peeved" 74 7b October 16, 2000
Francine pays Binky to look after Nemo for the weekend, but he doesn't take a look at her written instructions. When Nemo acts strangely at the mention of Francine, Binky keeps him away from her, thinking she is a bad owner.
The Last Of Mary Moo Cow 1.png "The Last of Mary Moo Cow" 75 8a October 23, 2000
When her favorite show, Mary Moo Cow, is canceled, D.W. starts a petition to try to get her show back on the air and visits the studio of Mary Moo Cow.
Bitzi's Beau.png "Bitzi's Beau" 76 8b October 23, 2000
Buster's mom, Bitzi, has a boyfriend and Buster is nervous to meet him. At first he thinks it's Mr. Ratburn but finds out it's not. When Buster eventually meets her boyfriend, Harry, he finds out Harry's not so bad.
Just Desserts.png "Just Desserts" 77 9a October 30, 2000
Arthur has a stomachache after eating too many sweets and has dreams involving fairytales made famous by the Brothers Grimm.
The Big Dig.png "The Big Dig" 78 9b October 30, 2000
Arthur and D.W. don't want to spend time with Grandpa Dave because all he does is play checkers and sleep. He tells them about a buried family treasure, but the two don't want to wait up for him so they take the map and look for the treasure themselves.
Arthur's Family Feud.png "Arthur's Family Feud" 79 10a November 6, 2000
After Dad's soufflé is destroyed, Arthur and D.W. both explain their sides of the story and ultimately attempt to bake a soufflé to compensate for the one they destroyed.
Muffy Gets Mature.png "Muffy Gets Mature" 80 10b November 6, 2000
Muffy hangs out with Francine's sister, Catherine, because Francine is not mature enough. Catherine's friends don't receive Muffy well and ridicule her because she uses "Mature Miss" as her guide for acting mature.


  • This is the final season to feature Michael Yarmush as the voice of Arthur. This is the first season to have Steven Crowder voicing The Brain; replacing Luke Reid.
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