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Season 6 of Arthur premiered in the United States on September 24, 2001, on PBS.[1]


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked" 86 1a September 24, 2001
Sue Ellen and her friends continuously lose against an anonymous player on an Internet game, "Virtual Goose." When she finds herself obsessed with winning against that player, she makes a promise not to play for a week.
Best of the Nest "Best of the Nest" 86 1b September 24, 2001
Arthur and his friends stop playing "Virtual Goose", due to the fact that D.W. always wins, and move onto "Virtual Goose v5.0", a six-player multiplayer game where only one will win. Brain loses and is challenged as to whether or not he could survive out in the wild, so he starts a camping trip. However, his friends, and even Mr. Ratburn, seem more interested in the internet.
Arthur Plays the Blues "Arthur Plays the Blues" 87 2a October 1, 2001
Arthur gets a new piano teacher, Dr. Frederique Fugue, who is not only one of the best teachers, but also one of the strictest. When Arthur fails to practice sufficiently, Dr. Fugue "fires" him. Wanting to be rehired, Arthur begins practicing the piece he was supposed to.
Buster's Sweet Success "Buster's Sweet Success" 87 2b October 1, 2001
Buster is fundraising for the school band by selling chocolates, but he ends up eating some of them and giving others away. Since he does not have the money to pay for them, he opts to make some, which he calls Buster Clusters, but they are only worthy of being joke chocolates.
Prunella's Special Edition "Prunella's Special Edition" 88 3a October 8, 2001
Prunella is excited to get her new monogrammed limited edition Henry Skreever book in the mail, but finds that it is in Braille. When she goes to the library to get it with words, she meets a blind girl named Marina, who is looking for it in Braille, and they become friends.
The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies" 88 3b October 8, 2001
Kate and Pal can understand each other, but older people like the rest of the Reads can't. When David can not find the figurine that goes on top of the wedding cake he made (which D.W. has mistaken for one of her "delicate" toys), Kate and Pal work together to get it on top of the cake before it gets to the wedding.
Muffy's Soccer Shocker "Muffy's Soccer Shocker" 89 4a October 15, 2001
Muffy's dad is the new soccer coach and has the team do drills named after car parts. Muffy is not enjoying it since he is tougher on her and even makes her the goalie. The team doubts Mr. Crosswire's coaching methodology until they finally tie a game.
Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet "Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?" 89 4b October 15, 2001
The Young Person's Orchestra is going to hold tryouts at Lakewood Elementary. Everyone in the band thinks Binky is the best. However, since he can't perform well with his malfunctioning clarinet and can't afford a new one, he starts a scheme with the rest of the Tough Customers to get rid of music.
The Boy Who Cried Comet 13 "The Boy Who Cried Comet" 90 5a October 22, 2001
Buster thinks he saw a UFO, but no one believes him because he has claimed this too many times. He borrows Muffy's telescope and finds a comet headed for Earth. No one believes him, but this time, he has proof. They then discover that the telescope is malfunctioning.
Arthur and Los Vecinos "Arthur and Los Vecinos" 90 5b October 22, 2001
After the Reads' next door neighbor, Mr. Sipple, moves away, a new family moves in. The Reads get to know the Molinas and discover how similar they are to themselves.
Citizen Frensky "Citizen Frensky" 91 6a October 29, 2001
Francine is head of the new school newspaper after shadowing Buster's mom at work and taking a front-page picture. She takes potentially embarrassing photos and publishes them out of context with embarrassing captions.
D.W.'s Backpack Mishap "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap" 91 6b October 29, 2001
D.W. grabs the wrong backpack when it starts to rain at the community pool. She goes in search of the mysterious "_OM__ ___BLE," who she believes is a backpack thief. She uses things she found in the backpack (i.e. a pair of panpipes, an Eiffel Tower figure, a Great Wall of China snowglobe, etc.) and concludes that "Omble" wears the pipes to hide his sharp pointy teeth, and lives in a snowy section of China. It turns out that the mysterious "_OM_____BLE" is none other than Tommy Tibble.
The Boy with His Head in the Clouds "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds" 92 7a November 5, 2001
George has trouble reading and does not want anyone to think he is dumb. He takes Binky to be his mentor to teach him to be tough so no one will tease him, but realizes he was not cut out for being tough. He finds out that he has dyslexia and works his way around it.
More 2 "More!" 92 7b November 5, 2001
D.W. is excited to be getting an allowance, but is discontent once she learns that Emily and the Tibble twins have already been getting their own allowances and have more money. When D.W. fails to get a bigger allowance, she pretends that she gets more money than her friends do.
RhymeforyourLife "Rhyme for Your Life" 93 8a November 12, 2001
Binky is trying to write a rhyming poem for his mom, but he does not think he can. When he falls asleep, he finds himself in a dream where it is a crime not to rhyme.
For Whom The Bell Tolls "For Whom the Bell Tolls" 93 8b November 12, 2001
Arthur is overjoyed that D.W. lost her voice, but is not so excited when he has to do what she wants him to. When he discovers that she has her voice back but is continuing to fake not having it, he gets his friends to come up with a plan to expose her lie.
The Good Sport "The Good Sport" 94 9a November 19, 2001
Michelle Kwan is presenting the Athlete of the Year Award, and Francine is upset when it goes to Jenna instead of herself. Francine rubs in the fact that she thinks she deserves it by giving Jenna unwanted attention. Michelle Kwan guest stars as herself.
Crushed "Crushed" 94 9b November 19, 2001
Arthur has a crush on his new babysitter, Sally. He is devastated when he discovers that she has a boyfriend named Corey. He tries to avoid Sally by going to Buster's, only to find that she is there to babysit them.
Arthur loses his marbles "Arthur Loses His Marbles" 95 10a November 26, 2001
Muffy's new marbles prompt Arthur and his friends to start playing marbles. Arthur signs up for a marbles tournament after he gets trained by Grandma Thora. When he discovers that he has to compete against his grandma in the tournament, he plays poorly on purpose, but she loses first when she finds out what is happening.
Friday the 13th promo "Friday the 13th" 95 10b November 26, 2001
Brain does not believe in superstitions, and he goes on to try to prove this by doing things superstitiously believed to bring bad luck, like breaking a mirror. Counter to his hypothesis, a streak of bad luck strikes.


  • This is the first season for a few things:
    • The first season of Arthur released in the 21st century.
    • The first season in which the color palettes for the characters are given brighter touches and better colors.
    • The first season for Muffy to do the title card announcing for the whole season, though she returns in Season 9. While happening for Muffy, Binky returned to title card announcing from Season 3 after Buster and Francine (both Seasons 4 and 5) did the title card announcing.
    • The first (and only) season to feature Justin Bradley as the voice of Arthur, taking over from Michael Yarmush.
    • The first season where Samuel Holden voices Timmy Tibble, taking over from Ricky Mabe.
    • The first season where Karen Gunaratnam is the production coordinator, taking over from Dean Gula.
    • The first season to use the PBS Kids "Transformation" idents (which premiered a year earlier in 2000 on Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Caillou). However, season 6 was the first season of Arthur to use these 2 idents. There are 2 versions of these idents. One version has Dash, as a caveman, scuba diver, and robot, and the other has Dot, as a tiger, octopus, and astronaut. These idents would continue to be used in the next 2 seasons after this, with season 7 and season 8 using the new Fishbowl and Snowglobe idents in addition to these 2 Transformation idents.
  • This is the last season for a few things:
  • Among other firsts in this season, the following are introduced:
  • All of the episodes respectively from this season aired almost exactly a year after all of the episodes respectively from Season 5 aired.
  • D.W.'s voice is slightly deeper and a tad bit more boy-like in this season, due to Oliver Grainger hitting puberty. Coincidentally, this is the last season where Grainger voices D.W., which resulted in him getting replaced by Jason Szwimer in the next season.
  • When Mark Rendall took over voicing Arthur in the following season, he re-dubbed Bradley's dialogue for U.S. syndication, though Bradley's dialogue for Arthur is retained in international airings and international home video releases.
  • Some episodes are broadcast with DVS narration on PBS (where available) and the Justin Bradley version is still intact.
  • This season's end credits originally used a remixed end theme music, containing the original theme song mixed with Francine's "You Can Fly If You Try" soul music as well as D.W. chanting "Yeah, Mama!", and Mr. Ratburn and everyone echoing "Hey!" at the end. It was replaced with the standard credits music on international airings and during U.S. second run syndication during 2014-15.
  • On March 30, 2001, Tulsa World reported that this season of Arthur would begin airing in the fall.[2]