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Season 8 of Arthur premiered in the United States on September 15, 2003, on PBS with "Dear Adil," and ended on December 26, 2003, with "Bleep."[1]


Screenshot Title Number Episode Original Airdate
0801ami "Dear Adil" 106 1a September 15, 2003
Arthur is looking for a pen pal after reading his dad's letters from Japan and he decides to write to a Turkish boy named Adil. Arthur isn't sure what life is like in Türkiye, so to give him an idea, he looks at Buster's comics, which are set there. However, these give Arthur a stereotypical picture of Adil's country, and Adil is confused when Arthur asks him about his camel, tent, or the taste of lamb's eyes. Arthur finds Adil's email address and they find out that they are alike in many ways.
0801bmi "Bitzi's Break-Up" 106 1b September 15, 2003
Bitzi has a confession to make to Buster: she's breaking up with her boyfriend, Harry. Buster is dismayed, so with the help of Muffy, he creates a plan to get his mom and Harry back together again.
0802ami "Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain" 107 2a September 16, 2003
Mr. Frensky takes several of the girls on a mountain trail hiking trip at Moose Mountain. Fern believes that it's where her hero, Zutzut, went to. She and Francine clash personalities on the way up and end up getting separated from the group. They have to learn to work together and they end up as the only ones that make it to the top of the mountain.
0802bmi "Thanks a Lot, Binky" 107 2b September 16, 2003
After saving Rattles from getting hurt in a dangerous stunt and not getting thanked for it, Binky is shown by Uncle Slam in a dream, what the world would be like if he decided to never be nice again. It ends with his parents leaving on a cruise without him, and without leaving him money, food, or water. Realizing that his mother does a lot of things without getting thanked, Binky decides to do her chores for her and gives her a thank you card.
0803ami "Arthur's Snow Biz" 108 3a September 17, 2003
Arthur begins a snow shoveling business to make some extra money. He allows Buster to join, but Buster hardly does any work and expects to earn more money. They argue and Buster decides to start his own snow shoveling business. They now have to compete to keep their customers.
Bugged class picture "Bugged" 108 3b September 17, 2003
Brain has a dream in which he becomes a bug to see how his friends really see him (as someone who bugs them all the time). He decides to never speak or to help them again, but soon learns that that might not be the best solution to his problems.
0804ami "Fernkenstein's Monster" 109 4a September 18, 2003
Fern tries to write a story that matches up to Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. She completes it, and when she reads it to her friends, they are so horrified and frightened that they refuse to talk to her, fearing another story that might be just as fear-inspiring.
0804bmi "D.W., Dancing Queen" 109 4b September 18, 2003
D.W. and Binky are paired up together for a school project. He teaches her how to dance, but thinks she is not doing well. Molly and Rattles then wants to learn "Kung Fu Young" (which is what Binky claimed he was really teaching D.W. This time, they both point out Binky's mistakes. After days of practicing with a reformed curriculum, Binky teaches D.W. how to spin, but he ends up with a twisted ankle. She has to do the recital herself, although she does not have enough courage.
0805ami "Vomitrocious" 110 5a September 19, 2003
Francine and her friends pick on George due to his constant nosebleeds. But when Francine suddenly vomits in the cafeteria during lunch, she learns a hard lesson about teasing others when she and George discuss their embarrassment.
0805bmi "Sue Ellen Chickens Out" 110 5b September 19, 2003
The Sugar Bowl is going out of business and a fast-food chain called Chickin Lickin' is trying to buy it. Sue Ellen immediately goes to The Sugar Bowl's defense, but her friends ignore this crisis. She, Binky, and Buster protest at the new Chickin Lickin' location opening at the mall, but to no avail.
0806mi "Postcards from Buster" 111 6 December 22, 2003
The gang gets lost on a whirlwind tour of New York City, while Buster uses his new video camera.
0807amib "Desk Wars" 112 7a December 23, 2003
On a super-hot day, while Mr. Ratburn has momentarily stepped out of the classroom, Arthur and his friends get into a complete war over each other's desks involving the seats by the fan. Everyone except George fights, breaking each others possessions and making a huge mess in the process. After Mr. Haney almost gets slapped by a moldy sandwich, they clean up the room and later go to Muffy's pool party.
0807bmi "Desperately Seeking Stanley" 112 7b December 23, 2003
When Arthur feels he has outgrown his teddy bear, Stanley, D.W. sells the bear to Vicita at the Read's garage sale. Arthur later regrets letting Stanley go, and when he tries to get him back, he learns to his horror that Vicita has given Stanley to the Tibble twins.
0808ami "Muffy's Art Attack" 113 8a December 24, 2003
Muffy tries to build a beach house for her dolls. Inspired by an exhibition of the work of Arthur Ganson, she and Bailey build kinetic sculptures. The exhibition is a success, and Ganson shows up to install "Machine with Wishbone", which was bought by Mr. Crosswire. Ganson sees Muffy's beach landscape and tells her that it is art.
0808bmi "Tales from the Crib" 113 8b December 24, 2003
Vicita has to use a new bed, but she wants to keep her crib. D.W. tells her the story of when she grew out of her crib.
0809ami "Flea to Be You and Me" 114 9a December 25, 2003
A flea named Pepe tells his around-the-world story of how he got separated from his brother, Sale.
0809bmib "Kiss and Tell" 114 9b December 25, 2003
Emily tells D.W. how she felt when a boy kissed her on vacation, and D.W. begins to wonder what it feels like. When James kisses her, though, she realizes that she may be too young to fully appreciate it.
Big Horn George 2 "Big Horns George" 115 10a December 26, 2003
George learns how to sing the blues with a little inspiration from Wally and Brain's CDs.
Bleep "Bleep" 115 10b December 26, 2003
D.W. overhears a curse word said by a teenage boy, which makes his mom drop and break something in surprise. This makes D.W. afraid that if she says the word, something will break. The Tibble twins tell her if she says it, anyone will become her zombie servant. She tests this on Vicita, only to get in trouble, but her mom does not punish her because she did not know what it meant. She then decides to talk to her friends about cursing.


  • This is the first season for a few things:
  • This is the last season for several things:
    • The last season to be produced by CINAR under their original name, as they rebranded as Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2004.
    • The last season to feature Mark Rendall as the voice of Arthur. Cameron Ansell would take over the voice role starting with the next season.
    • The last season in which Sue Ellen is voiced by Patricia Rodriguez.
    • The last season to have Alex Hood voice Brain in all episodes. After this season ended, Hood split voice acting with Paul-Stuart Brown, due to his voice becoming much deeper in season 9.
    • The last season to date in which the end credits run for 45 seconds in length. Starting with the next season onwards, the end credits run for 30 seconds in length.
      • This is also the last Arthur production in general to have the end credits run for 45 seconds until the special "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday" in 2017.
    • The last season to use the PBS Kids Fishbowl and PBS Kids Snowglobe logos.
      • Furthermore, this is the last season to use the 1999-2013 PBS Kids logos with Dot and Dash in general. Beginning with the next season, Arthur is part of the PBS Kids Go! block until Season 16. By the time PBS Kids Go! was discontinued, the 2013 branding had replaced the 1999 and 2008/09 brandings.
    • This is the final season to have episodes on VHS.
  • This is the only season to feature Evan Smirnow as the voice of George.
  • This is also the last season with Michelle Proud as JT Turner's assistant as Chloe Lehmann takes over as JT Turner's assistant from the next season until season 11