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Age 9[1]
Grade 4th

5th ("Arthur's First Day")

Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Pale brown (s2-s5)
Beige (s6-s25)
Residence Slink's house, Elwood City
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Nancy (sister)
Cartoon debut "Buster and the Daredevils"
Voiced by Michael Yarmush

Slink is a fourth grader who is a member of the Tough Customers.


Buster and the Daredevils 32

Slink wearing the old Mighty Mountain baseball uniform

Slink was once a student at Mighty Mountain School, as seen in "Buster and the Daredevils" when he and Toby wore Mighty Mountain uniforms during the baseball game.

In his first appearance, "Buster and the Daredevils," he and his "friend" Toby dared Buster to do various dares until he dared them back and turned them against each other. Since then, the two have gone their separate ways, with Slink joining the Tough Customers. He also transferred schools to Lakewood Elementary School.

Physical appearance[]


Slink in "To Beat or Not to Beat"

Slink is a rabbit with a gray complexion. He wears a gray shirt with a red lightning bolt on the front, long blue jeans and red-and-white sneakers. In his original appearance, his shirt is black, but in all later appearances it is gray. Slink has long dark brown hair that also covers his eyes. His eyes were seen once, in the episode "The Law of the Jungle Gym."

In "To Beat or Not to Beat," Slink is seen in the audience of the school talent show with a darker skin color and lighter brown hair. However, this could just be because of the dimmer lighting of the auditorium for the show.

In "The Good Sport", a miscolored Slink appeared in the audience listening to Mr. Haney's speech. He had blond hair and white skin.

Alternate apparel[]


Slink was a quitter who never really applied himself until Rattles taught him a better work ethic. After that, Slink becomes a hard worker who strives to improve himself. According to his father, Slink is apparently good at packing and he always lets Slink pack when his family is going on vacation. Slink has an interest in survivalism and watches the television series The Backyard Survivor to hone his skills. When he and the Tough Customers went to a trip to the Lookout Mountain Hotel, he filmed their entire 'adventure' in hopes of turning it into a reality TV show.

Outside of packing and television, Slink's main interest includes comedy; however, he isn't good at telling jokes. He has a job as a paper delivery boy, which Rattles taught him how to do properly.



Molly MacDonald[]

Slink and Molly are good friends, as they are both members of the Tough Customers.


Slink and Rattles are best friends.

Binky Barnes[]

Slink also appears to be friends with Binky.


They were sitting at a table together along with Molly and Rattles in "Muffy Misses Out"


Slink and Toby used to be friends, but decided to go their own ways after daring Buster to do different things.


  • Slink is the only Tough Customers member not to appear in Season 1, but to debut in Season 2. He never appears in Season 5 and Seasons 10-13.
  • Slink is voiced by Michael Yarmush who was the original voice of Arthur Read from Seasons 1-5.




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