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The Sock Exchange is a large organization open 24/7 that was founded by The Furmasons that provides services for pets to buy and trade socks to help stimulate the economy.

During its first appearance in The Great Sock Mystery, Pal was brought by his friend, Amigo, to the hideout to explain and show how socks have disappeared. In The Great Lint Rush it closed down due to a sly businesstoad, Mr. Toad. When he became convinced that lint was worth more money the market was reopenned. It is unknown if the Sock Exchange is a local, national, or an international organization. The Sock Exchange being an international organization would mean that the Sock Exchange is a global network of sock trading across which socks are traded across the world. This could also explain how Amigo knew about the sock exchange in Elwood City before Pal even though Pal had lived in Elwood City much longer and they both didn't travel far from their houses.

History and Purpose[]

Some pets have formed a faction called The Furmasons that would help humans survive during problems that are big or small. The company has been made to boost the humans' economy when socks are taken and more are being bought.

During one night, Pal was brought by Amigo to explain the reason for many socks' disappearances. In order for Pal to get D.W.'s favorite sock back, Amigo gives a suggestion in trading with the phrase "buy low and sell high". Lacking success and losing all the good socks, Amigo informed Pal and Kate of the person who has the sock.

Later on, Mr. Toad will briefly turn down the exchange as all socks will be gone. It became difficult for pets to do business with the expert businessman since he is the only one with the socks in Elwood City. When the lint business has brought Mr. Toad to become part of it, he gave all the socks back therefore restoring and reopening the market.


The challenge of the organization is to ensure and extend the favorable macroeconomic performance and holster the capabilities of all to share in the prosperity that is being generated. In other words, the goal is to boost the global macroeconomic performance of the human world through a network of trade in which the median is domesticated animals and to help everyone enjoy the prosperity that is generated from this act.



  • The name "Sock Exchange" is an obvious parody of the Stock Exchange.
  • "Furmasons" is play on the name Freemasons.