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"Some Assembly Required"
Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 9b
Original Airdate: United States September 10, 2015[1]
United Kingdom March 20, 2015[2]
Australia April 27, 2015[3]
Written by: Craig Carlisle
Storyboard by: Rick Marshall
"The Pageant Pickle"
"Shelter from the Storm"
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"Some Assembly Required" is the second half of the ninth episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur.


D.W. can't wait to test out her new play set! But while it is being built she will have to settle for the box. With the help of Bud and Emily, D.W. realizes her imagination is way better than any toy![1]


The Reads get a big box containing a play-set for D.W. Arthur recounts how his dad used to play flashligh tag (which he believes means tagging a flashlight) and how in his grandma's days, kids kicked a can. He himself had to go to the park to play on a jungle gym, but now it comes to you.

Some Assembly Required

Mr. and Mrs. Read start assembling the play-set. D.W. has invited Emily and Bud over, but the assembly takes time. While Arthur prepares lemonade and cupcakes, the parents suggest that the young kids play with the box. D.W. warns against falling in love with a box which you will loose on recycling day. Bud and Emily, however, want to play space settlers. D.W. reluctantly agrees, after Bud offers her the position of captain.

In the kids' fantasy, the S.S. Dwembiludy lands on the moon, where the kids are attacked by a giant moon hamster (actually Pal). D.W. distracts it with a ball.

Arthur brings out cupcakes. In the kids' imagination, he is a giant robot carrying zilonium crystals, though Emily and Bud would rather see cupcakes. D.W. agrees that they can eat the crystals after de-arthurizing them. While Emily distracts the robot, Bud gets the cupcakes. D.W. examines a strange structure which the parent robots are building, and takes an ornamental part. Meanwhile, Bud eats one of the crystals and starts turning into Arthur. D.W. and Emily take him to their spaceship, pursued by Robot Arthur.

Inside the ship, D.W. uses a machine to de-arthurize Bud, while Emily does the same to the crystals. Emily finds out, that the ornament is part of a spaceship. D.W. believes that the robots are planning to give everybody on Earth arthuritis. At that moment, Bud calls a time-out to go to the bathroom.

When the kids go to the house, Mr. Read informs D.W. that the play-set is almost finished, but she does not really care. When the kids return, Arthur is just folding up the box for the recycling. The parents have finished setting up the play-set, but D.W. shows no enthusiasm, because she wants the box back. Resigned, the parents go inside for a coffee break.

The kids wonder how they will get off the moon. Bud suggests using the robots' spaceship (the play-set). D.W. agrees and they decide to go to Mars next. The parents see them having fun on the play-set. Mrs. Read is glad that D.W. came around, while Mr. Read suggests giving her empty boxes for Christmas.






Episode connections

  • Like "Adventures in Budylon," much of this episode shows D.W. and Bud (and Emily) acting out a story in the yard. Bud also needs to use the bathroom midway.
    • Incidentally, both this episode and "Adventures in Budylon" were written by Craig Carlisle.
  • D.W.'s warning about not falling in love with a cardboard box may refer to "Read and Flumberghast," though in that episode, D.W. was relieved to see the box go on recycling day.
  • D.W. plays spaceship in "D.W. Aims High" and is also "attacked" by a giant Pal.
  • Pal's doghouse is in the yard. It is built in "Buster's Amish Mismatch."
  • Arthur the brobot looks similar to B.W.'s robot brother in "I'd Rather Read It Myself."
  • Emily does cartwheels to distract Arthur. She is shown to be good at gymnastics in "D.W. Flips."
  • In "Crushed," D.W. claims that Arthur has arthuritis (arthritis). Here, arthuritis is a disease that turns people into Arthur.
  • D.W.'s line "brobots love to knit" refers to "Arthur Unravels."

Cultural references

  • Flashlight tag is a mixture of tag and hide-and-seek. It is played after dusk and the object is to find the other players and tag them by shining the flashlight on them.
  • Turvallisuus is Finnish for safety. With its ready-to-assemble products, it is a possible reference to the Swedish company IKEA. All three umlauts are found on the box (TÖI PLÄ, Fün Stüff), though Finnish (and Swedish) only use Ä and Ö.


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