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Spanky bites.png
Gender Male
Animal Parakeet (reality)
Bald Eagle (U.S.A. National Bird) (fantasy)
Family D.W. Read (owner) (formerly)
Cartoon debut So Long, Spanky

Spanky was D.W.'s pet parakeet who passed away from an unknown cause in his only appearance in "So Long, Spanky."

Before he passed away, Spanky was shown to hate Arthur for some reason, but they sort of liked each other. Arthur only liked him when his beak is closed. At his funeral, Arthur admitted that he was going to miss Spanky and his parents said that they would never forget his songs or the time he got loose in the kitchen and didn't eat any seeds.

Spanky is also shown in D.W.'s imagination as a bald eagle in "I'd Rather Read It Myself."

He was mentioned by Arthur in "Listen Up!" when he gives Francine a card from D.W.


Spanky was a parakeet that was light blue on top and dark blue on the lower part of his body, and his beak and feet were yellow.