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"Spoiled Rotten!"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 9b
Original Airdate: United States September 6, 2007[1]
Canada October 10, 2007[3]
United Kingdom January 4, 2008[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Wolfram Breuer
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
"D.W. on Ice"
"Big Brother Binky"
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"Spoiled Rotten!" is the second half of the ninth episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


Muffy tries to prove to her friends that she is not spoiled.


The episode begins with a fairy tale about Muffy as a princess. The narrator introduces it as the poor little princess who is ironically rich. The reason she is called poor is that she feels poor, because her subjects hate her, believing her to be greedy and selfish. She says it is for them which shocks the narrator. She is also trying to entertain them. He suggests calling her the little princess. Muffy threatens to fire him after hearing that remark. The narrator grumbles that he wishes of having listened to Snow White. Muffy tries poorly to get him to come back as he closes the book.

Spoiled Rotten!

While at the mall, Francine sees a pair of shoes she likes but is disappointed over the price. Muffy shows up and insults them. Francine tells her about them but complains about the availability. Muffy asks her friend about which shoes to buy only to decide both. Muffy offers to buy them but Francine declines, saying she will do it herself. After saving her allowance, she returns to buy them, only to find they are gone. Muffy shows up and reveals that she bought them. Francine quickly gets jealous. Muffy asks if there are more, to which Francine lashes out by saying no. Muffy realizes she is in an awkward situation with Francine, who is not in a joking mood. She says she might give her them but says she has a foot fungus. Francine then calls Muffy “the most selfish spoiled brat” she ever met, which shocks Muffy.

The next day, Muffy asks Arthur and Buster if they think she is spoiled. After she demands an answer, the boys say she is not. Buster pulls a rotten sandwich out of an overcoat he is holding. Muffy asks him why he has an overcoat when it is not winter. He says it is for a donation drive the school is holding. Arthur asks if Muffy is going to donate anything. She refuses and accidentally insults them, saying her clothes are not ratty and old, causing Buster to change his mind about her being spoiled.

That night, Muffy laments how all of her friends agreed that she is indeed spoiled. Muffy asks Bailey if she is spoiled, and he replies that he believes it is how one acts towards being privileged that determines if they are spoiled. While drinking milk she asks how she can convince everyone she is not spoiled. She gets an idea.

The next day, Muffy arrives at school with a bag of clothes to donate, only for Francine to point out they have price tags on them, and it is old clothes that they are supposed to be donating. In class, Muffy says she has made sacrifices to Francine, like not using her fancy shampoo or using the limo to get to school. Francine brings up that Muffy was wearing her new shoes when she was walking. Later, the two have an argument about the situation, with Muffy claiming Francine dislikes rich people, but Francine says she does not like spoiled people and demands Muffy donate. Muffy puts her bow in, which does not impress Francine. She then drops her coat in the bin next. After school, she tells Bailey to wait while she gets something. She digs in the donation box to get her stuff back. Then Francine arrives and smugly tells Muffy that she was right.

At night, Muffy again asks Bailey if she is spoiled, and he recites a poem which she does not understand. He does not understand the poem either, and leaves. While tucked in, Muffy dreams that she and Bailey are archaeologists in Egypt at a pyramid. They enter a tomb and see a lot of treasure. Some hieroglyphics catch her eye and she asks what they mean. Bailey translates them, and says anyone who steals anything will be cursed. She thinks that is nonsense and as the two are about to go out, she sees a golden pair of shoes and takes them. Later, she complains about the desert when she starts to sink. Her butler says it might be quicksand and throws a rope as she cries for him to pull. He says she seem to have gotten heavier, which offends her. She then realizes that it is the shoes pulling her in, and that the warning was serious, and cries for help. She wakes up from her nightmare.

She chooses to donate her sneakers after all but finds the box gone. Arthur and Buster tell her the box was collected. She says she wanted to donate but Buster, thinking she has not changed, says she could return it. She enters a struggling shop. The owner asks how much a belt is worth. She tells him about a price for it, and she realizes it is also a charity building. The owner asks about the shoes she brought. She gives advice about valuable stuff and uses a bag as an example. The owner introduces himself as Buzz Valette.

A while later, the store, having gone under a makeover, has people coming like crazy. Francine says she knew Muffy would find out about the place and compliments the new design. She shows Muffy she got the shoes she wanted. Buzz, now a bit richer, comes out and thanks her before going to give a check to a local soup kitchen. The pair reconcile, and Francine asks about if the fungus thing was made up, to which Muffy then groans.






  • Moral: You should be charitable and give away some of your possessions to help others instead of keeping it all for yourself.
  • Ian Freedman, a storyboard artist known for working on shows like Poochini and Bob the Builder, guest stars as the narrator that reads the opening book, The Poor Little Princess.
  • Running Gag
  • Muffy telling Francine which outfit or object is better but Francine can not decide.
  • "Spoiled Rotten!" precedes "Mr. Alwaysright" chronologically, despite being aired two episodes later. In "Mr. Alwaysright," Muffy already knew Buzz Valette and his shop was already called Care to Ware.

Cultural references[]

  • The intro parodies Muffy as Marie Antoinette.
  • The brand of jacket that Muffy wears, Patagucci, is a parody of the American outdoor clothing company Patagonia and the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci. The logo on the windbreaker is very similar to Patagonia's mountain logo in real life.
  • Bailey quotes from “The Realm of Fancy” by John Keats. The poem is about things losing their glamor when they become too familiar. "Spoiled" is used in the sense of "flawed," not "pampered."
  • Loco Chanel is a reference to Coco Chanel.


  • In one scene, Muffy is buying with a credit card. This is unrealistic, since at her age, she should not be allowed to use a credit card until she is around 13 years old, although to her family, they likely trust her more with such things.
  • When Francine enters the classroom after Muffy puts clothes from the Discount Barn in a box, her jacket disappears to her normal red shirt for the rest of the time in the classroom before coming out after school and Muffy calling her a "richist."
  • Francine's jacket briefly turns into her red shirt under her jacket when Muffy is showing her a Pata-gucci jacket.

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